14 Reasons It’s Insane to Say All Men Are Evil

Somehow, over the past 15 years, radical feminism became mainstream feminism. Now, gender studies professors in every state are teaching girls they live in a patriarchy designed by men to oppress women. All women are victims, and all men are evil. Masculinity is toxic, and sex is rape. Every week I see new tweets, blog posts, articles, and Youtube videos of women seething with fear and disgust at the entire male population.







I feel ridiculous stating the obvious, but since feminists are doing such a successful job of making it trendy to hate men, I feel obligated to stand up for us. If you hate men, you’re ignoring at least 13 obvious facts about life:


1: You can’t demonize half the world’s population.


Negatively stereotyping every member of any group for the actions of its outliers is the definition of bigotry. The bigger the group, the more illogical it is to generalize the whole. Misandrists lump half the world’s population into one negative caricature! It’s so obviously insane, I don’t know how to elaborate on it.



2: You’ve met good men, a lot of them.


I can think of more than ten males who have physically, emotionally, or professionally bullied me. You probably can too, but we can also list women who have hurt us and men who have loved and helped us. Every day, you walk past dozens of men on the street, work next to men, give orders to male customer service workers, and listen to male reporters, politicians, celebrities, and educators. You interact with men every day without flinching because you know they’re not a threat. Chances are, there’s at least one man you call on holidays to say, “I love you.” If you can find exceptions to the statement, “All men are evil,” then you shouldn’t say it.



3: You know women who will vouch for the men in their lives.


Most women are looking for a man to fall in love with, and most will find one. If you think all men are evil, then either you, or most women, have a factually incorrect perception of reality. If most of the women in the world disagree with you, then you should question your objectivity. Chances are, the problem isn’t that everyone else is closed-minded; you are.



4: At least half of all men are beta.


If you think all men are monsters involved in a global conspiracy to oppress women, you must have never been to a Star Wars convention, comic convention, LARPing event, chess club, choir club, Weird Al Yankovic concert, or dating website. Most men younger than thirty, have a panic attack just thinking about talking to women. Those men get friend-zoned, exploited, pushed around, and discarded by women who know beta males will put up with it just for the privilege of being near a woman. You’re ignoring evidence that contradicts your conclusion if you believe there aren’t at least 1 billion gold diggers around the world, manipulating beta males and spending their money. Every year, millions of incel, forever-alone, beta men kill themselves after losing all hope of ever being able to control their fate, find love, or succeed in a career.


Picture of Wyatt and Garret, the nerdy main characters from the movie, "Weird Science."

If this is who you believe is oppressing you, you’re projecting.


5: At least half of all men are wage slaves earning less than the cost of living.


If you listen to feminist propaganda about how ruthlessly men have designed and gamed the system to give them every advantage in life over women, you’d think all men live in an easy wonderland, where they sleep on beds of gold and lay around all day while women in chains feed them grapes. In the real world, grapes, and every other fruit and vegetable you buy at the grocery store, are picked mostly by male wage slaves who work long hours for less than a living wage. They get minimal breaks, no employee benefits, and their bodies are in constant pain. This is just the agriculture industry. In every sector of the economy, men do the most physically painful jobs that make life easier for everyone else.


Photo of Weird Al Yankovich dressed in a fast food uniform and looking depressed in the movie, "UHF."

That face you make when you work at a job you hate all day, every day, don’t get benefits, and earn less than a living wage. Then hordes of feminists accuse you of oppressing 4 billion people.


6: There’s a line of men who would eat a mile of your shit for the privilege of licking your ass hole.


I served in the U.S. Air Force for seven years. I heard women complain how they have to work twice as hard to make it in a man’s military, but on a daily basis, I saw men lining up to do women’s work for them, help them after work, and hold them less accountable for bad behavior. I knew a woman who would put ice on her nipples every morning to make them pop through her shirt to ensure men would desire and serve her. Any woman, regardless of body type, can find men who want to worship and serve them. Even feminists who hate men still have fanboys orbiting them and telling them everything they want to hear. Everywhere you look, there’s evidence men worship women. The only way to not see it is to lock yourself in a confined space where only angry women are allowed to enter.



7: Women have some systemic privileges over men.


It’s a well-documented fact that the American legal system gives women lower sentences for the same crimes as men and gives women preferential treatment in divorce and custody cases. Women can send a man to prison for rape, even if he has evidence sex was consensual, but it’s almost impossible for a man to send a woman to prison for raping him.

Physical fitness requirements for women in the military are lower than for men. Women aren’t required to register for the draft. Women have more options for domestic violence support, student loans, small business loans, fellowships, and jobs at companies with affirmative action policies. You have to ignore billions of dollars of government spending to hold onto the belief that the system has abandoned women and given men every advantage in life.



8: Women spend more money than men.


Even if women get paid less than men for the same work, women still spend more money than men. If women were as oppressed as feminists say they are, then 4/5th of the stores in malls would sell power tools, work boots, and flannel shirts. In reality, 2/3rds of the stores in malls sell women’s clothing made in Asian sweatshops by male and female slaves.

In every first world country, women spend more money than men. Every marketer knows women are the engine of the global economy. If women make so much less than men, the only way it’s mathematically possible for them to buy as much as they do, is by spending their man’s money. It’s ungrateful and abusive to accuse men of being complicit in a global conspiracy to rob women, while most women spend men’s money daily.




9: Women die with more money than men. 


Despite the unendurable stress of being oppressed, women live longer. So regardless of the wage gap, married men spend most of the lives sharing ownership of all their assets with their wives, and in the end, women get it all. That’s not oppression. That’s winning. If the system is designed to set anyone up to fail, it’s men.



10: Men work at spas, where most customers are women.


There are hundreds of thousands of day spas, massage clinics, pedicure clinics, manicure clinics, waxing clinics, esthetician clinics, and other business dedicated to pampering women. Most of the people who work in these leisure industries are women, but there are men who spend every day massaging, manicuring, pedicuring, grooming, and pampering women of all colors, who are often spending their man’s money. If you don’t understand why people don’t take radical feminist seriously, try protesting against male oppression in the lobby of a luxury day spa and see how foolish you feel afterward.



11: Men built and maintain the infrastructure that keeps you from living in a cave.


Radical feminism teaches a revisionist version of history in the world was built on the backs of women. It doesn’t include how many men died building railroads, bridges, skyscrapers, sewers, dams, or roads. It doesn’t mention the countless hours men labored in fields, factories, mines, boats, and forests. It doesn’t honor the firemen, trashmen, cooks, movers, industrial cleaners, or mechanics who have worked until their hands bled and kept working. Maybe if women did more of the backbreaking work men take for granted, they would realize how green the grass is on their side of the fence.



12: Never forget your soldiers and what they sacrificed for you.


Nobody in a foxhole ever said men have it easier than women. You don’t need to go to war to understand that. If you can watch any war movie, and still look a veteran in the eye and tell them they never had to sacrifice anything, and the world would be better off without them, then the problem is you’re pathologically self-centered.


13: Everyone is good and evil.


Everyone loves and hates someone. Everyone has helped and hurt someone. Everyone wants to do what’s right, but nobody knows how to be perfect. We all make mistakes, because everyone is born, lives, and dies ignorant. No individual is completely good or evil, let alone any group. If you only acknowledge the worst things done by the worst people in any group, you could justify being bigoted against anyone, but that’s insane.



14: The root of the world’s problems is predatory capitalism.


If it seems like women and minorities are oppressed, it’s not because white men designed the world to oppress them. It’s because rich people designed the world to oppress the poor. If it seems like most rich people are white men, it’s because you’re only looking at white men. In every country, the majority of people are poor, and the majority of rich people have the same skin color as the majority of the population. And behind every rich man, is at least one woman spending his money while he works.

You’re not being oppressed by the white boy who takes your order at McDonald’s. He’s being oppressed by his employer, who is also oppressing you by selling gullible customers addictive, overpriced poison burgers. Aborting all the white babies in the world won’t change the normalcy of predatory business practices, and neither will lynching the rich. The only thing that will accomplish the goals of feminism is economic reform. As long as feminists continue directing conversations and energy towards hating men, business owners of every race will continue to exploit everyone unopposed.



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3 responses to “14 Reasons It’s Insane to Say All Men Are Evil

  • Greg

    A very interesting interview I read a few months ago with Camille Paglia on the death of Hugh Hefner
    (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/camille-paglia-hugh-hefners-legacy-trumps-masculinity-feminisms-sex-phobia-1044769) She certainly had a very interesting perspective on the current “war between the sexes” and the more well-known versions of feminism that you critique in the post. Paglia sees herself as more of a pro-sex, non man-hating feminist, and I think she makes it clear how a woman can be all these things at once. She also sees Playboy as part of the grand tradition of artistic erotica in Western Culture, not tool that oppresses women. The interview was certainly a breath of fresh air in an increasingly polarized atmosphere these days…


  • Dee Martin

    There have always been people, male and female, who think that power makes it okay to mistreat others. There has always been poverty and economic inequality. There are things that are different now, even from when I was growing up. People may have thought things but never would have said it out loud.Now they post it all over social media. Ill-mannered, thoughtless, walled-off my gang is better, smarter, stronger than your gang garbage. We seem to be in a competition to see who can be the most crass and cruel. Who we are supposed to hate changes daily, often so quickly you can’t possibly keep up. My mother was a stay at home mom, as were most women when I was growing up. She DID however work as hard as many men, though maybe not as hard as my father. She did not spend money on herself. She had a strong sense of what is right and wrong and did the right thing unfailingly, even when it meant being kind to someone she disagreed with. That is how I grew up and my husband and I have been partners for 37 years. Never equal. Sometimes he was carrying me, sometimes I as carrying him. In the last few years I have worked with several men in IT. I have learned the meaning of the term “mansplaining”. I have been bullied, threatened, and dismissed. Not all the time, mind you. As long as I keep my mouth shut and keep my distance things are fairly calm. But brother, I am here to tell you….there are a lot of good men out there and the funny thing is, I probably work with some. They are probably good men in their personal lives. But as a group, working with one woman, it is a different thing. Can I work as hard physically? Nope. I’m 63 dude. I’m just hanging on till retirement. But, I add value every single day. If I do ten things right and make one mistake, the mistake will be what is remembered. If they make a mistake it is not to be hinted at. Ever. Men are most often physically stronger than women and that can and is used sometimes in a threatening way, even if it is not obvious. It is confusing and disheartening to find myself at this time in my life, coming to the realization that hard work and honesty do not count as much if you are female. They just don’t. And don’t ever complain. Maybe that is why all of sudden it is such a “thing”. So many women have been in this sort of situation and kept their head down and their mouth shut until they just couldn’t anymore. I do believe it is carried too far and some of the more militant and blatant women hurt women more than help. And…just to address the whole women and money and clothing and merchandize thing? Most of those mani/pedi, facial, hairdo things…are done to impress or fit the image for? Um..yeah. So…be fair. There is a little truth in all that anger. Far too much anger though we are living in a weird and angry time so it’s hard to separate the voices in the yelling. Especially if you are busy doing your job for less pay and little appreciating for what you contribute. It never used to matter to me. I have always believed in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Now I’m mostly just tired of the battle.


  • Amy

    I’m a woman, and I couldn’t agree more. Modern feminism sickens me and is going to make it worse for women, because no one is going to take women seriously when they complain about a legitimate issue when they’ve become desensitized due to all the ridiculous complaints. Radical feminists also ignore the fact that men and women are biologically different and our brains are wired differently. They pressure women to pursue the same things in life that men want and to act like men, and make you feel like you have to go against your natural personality to be something else. What if I don’t want to learn to be more aggressive and claw my way to the top of the corporate ladder? Radical feminists make you feel like you have to.
    A lot of feminists actually want women to be forced to register for the draft, saying that’s equality. If women were treated equally as men, they wouldn’t be allowed in the armed forces at all, because a man with the physical strength of a woman who had a medical condition causing him to bleed once a month and causing hormone fluctuations that would affect his emotions would not be allowed in the military. He wouldn’t be able to pass the strength or health requirements. Women also come back with PTSD at twice the rate of men because women’s brains are wired differently, which brain scans prove, making them more susceptible. This isn’t due to society’s conditioning, it’s biological. They have to treat women differently from men in order to allow them into the armed forces, yet they think that is equality.
    Men are naturally more aggressive and less empathetic due to a different brain wiring and more testosterone. That doesn’t make every man a rapist or abuser. That fact is what enables a lot of soldiers to naturally excel at protecting us. I grew up in very dangerous environments. I knew the best way to survive was if my boyfriend was the biggest, baddest guy who everybody was afraid of. I knew to make friends with the “insensitive” alpha males because they would protect me. When a real monster is trying to attack you, you can’t defend yourself with feminism, you need a man to protect you, and you need the most aggressive, insensitive one you can find, or you’re going to die. But being naturally aggressive and direct isn’t the same as not respecting women or oppressing women. Men can’t go against their biological nature any more than women can.
    I completely agree with you that this radical feminism is out of control, and if you try to speak up against it as a woman, they’ll crucify you and say you’re trying to hold women back. They’ll turn it into a straw man argument and act like you just want all women to be home makers and have Stockholm syndrome.


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