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14 Reasons It’s Insane to Say All Men Are Evil

Somehow, over the past 15 years, radical feminism became mainstream feminism. Now, gender studies professors in every state are teaching girls they live in a patriarchy designed by men to oppress women. All women are victims, and all men are evil. Masculinity is toxic, and sex is rape. Every week I see new tweets, blog posts, articles, and Youtube videos of women seething with fear and disgust at the entire male population.







I feel ridiculous stating the obvious, but since feminists are doing such a successful job of making it trendy to hate men, I feel obligated to stand up for us. If you hate men, you’re ignoring at least 13 obvious facts about life:


1: You can’t demonize half the world’s population.


Negatively stereotyping every member of any group for the actions of its outliers is the definition of bigotry. The bigger the group, the more illogical it is to generalize the whole. Misandrists lump half the world’s population into one negative caricature! It’s so obviously insane, I don’t know how to elaborate on it.



2: You’ve met good men, a lot of them.


I can think of more than ten males who have physically, emotionally, or professionally bullied me. You probably can too, but we can also list women who have hurt us and men who have loved and helped us. Every day, you walk past dozens of men on the street, work next to men, give orders to male customer service workers, and listen to male reporters, politicians, celebrities, and educators. You interact with men every day without flinching because you know they’re not a threat. Chances are, there’s at least one man you call on holidays to say, “I love you.” If you can find exceptions to the statement, “All men are evil,” then you shouldn’t say it.



3: You know women who will vouch for the men in their lives.


Most women are looking for a man to fall in love with, and most will find one. If you think all men are evil, then either you, or most women, have a factually incorrect perception of reality. If most of the women in the world disagree with you, then you should question your objectivity. Chances are, the problem isn’t that everyone else is closed-minded; you are.



4: At least half of all men are beta.


If you think all men are monsters involved in a global conspiracy to oppress women, you must have never been to a Star Wars convention, comic convention, LARPing event, chess club, choir club, Weird Al Yankovic concert, or dating website. Most men younger than thirty, have a panic attack just thinking about talking to women. Those men get friend-zoned, exploited, pushed around, and discarded by women who know beta males will put up with it just for the privilege of being near a woman. You’re ignoring evidence that contradicts your conclusion if you believe there aren’t at least 1 billion gold diggers around the world, manipulating beta males and spending their money. Every year, millions of incel, forever-alone, beta men kill themselves after losing all hope of ever being able to control their fate, find love, or succeed in a career.


Picture of Wyatt and Garret, the nerdy main characters from the movie, "Weird Science."

If this is who you believe is oppressing you, you’re projecting.


5: At least half of all men are wage slaves earning less than the cost of living.


If you listen to feminist propaganda about how ruthlessly men have designed and gamed the system to give them every advantage in life over women, you’d think all men live in an easy wonderland, where they sleep on beds of gold and lay around all day while women in chains feed them grapes. In the real world, grapes, and every other fruit and vegetable you buy at the grocery store, are picked mostly by male wage slaves who work long hours for less than a living wage. They get minimal breaks, no employee benefits, and their bodies are in constant pain. This is just the agriculture industry. In every sector of the economy, men do the most physically painful jobs that make life easier for everyone else.


Photo of Weird Al Yankovich dressed in a fast food uniform and looking depressed in the movie, "UHF."

That face you make when you work at a job you hate all day, every day, don’t get benefits, and earn less than a living wage. Then hordes of feminists accuse you of oppressing 4 billion people.


6: There’s a line of men who would eat a mile of your shit for the privilege of licking your ass hole.


I served in the U.S. Air Force for seven years. I heard women complain how they have to work twice as hard to make it in a man’s military, but on a daily basis, I saw men lining up to do women’s work for them, help them after work, and hold them less accountable for bad behavior. I knew a woman who would put ice on her nipples every morning to make them pop through her shirt to ensure men would desire and serve her. Any woman, regardless of body type, can find men who want to worship and serve them. Even feminists who hate men still have fanboys orbiting them and telling them everything they want to hear. Everywhere you look, there’s evidence men worship women. The only way to not see it is to lock yourself in a confined space where only angry women are allowed to enter.



7: Women have some systemic privileges over men.


It’s a well-documented fact that the American legal system gives women lower sentences for the same crimes as men and gives women preferential treatment in divorce and custody cases. Women can send a man to prison for rape, even if he has evidence sex was consensual, but it’s almost impossible for a man to send a woman to prison for raping him.

Physical fitness requirements for women in the military are lower than for men. Women aren’t required to register for the draft. Women have more options for domestic violence support, student loans, small business loans, fellowships, and jobs at companies with affirmative action policies. You have to ignore billions of dollars of government spending to hold onto the belief that the system has abandoned women and given men every advantage in life.



8: Women spend more money than men.


Even if women get paid less than men for the same work, women still spend more money than men. If women were as oppressed as feminists say they are, then 4/5th of the stores in malls would sell power tools, work boots, and flannel shirts. In reality, 2/3rds of the stores in malls sell women’s clothing made in Asian sweatshops by male and female slaves.

In every first world country, women spend more money than men. Every marketer knows women are the engine of the global economy. If women make so much less than men, the only way it’s mathematically possible for them to buy as much as they do, is by spending their man’s money. It’s ungrateful and abusive to accuse men of being complicit in a global conspiracy to rob women, while most women spend men’s money daily.




9: Women die with more money than men. 


Despite the unendurable stress of being oppressed, women live longer. So regardless of the wage gap, married men spend most of the lives sharing ownership of all their assets with their wives, and in the end, women get it all. That’s not oppression. That’s winning. If the system is designed to set anyone up to fail, it’s men.



10: Men work at spas, where most customers are women.


There are hundreds of thousands of day spas, massage clinics, pedicure clinics, manicure clinics, waxing clinics, esthetician clinics, and other business dedicated to pampering women. Most of the people who work in these leisure industries are women, but there are men who spend every day massaging, manicuring, pedicuring, grooming, and pampering women of all colors, who are often spending their man’s money. If you don’t understand why people don’t take radical feminist seriously, try protesting against male oppression in the lobby of a luxury day spa and see how foolish you feel afterward.



11: Men built and maintain the infrastructure that keeps you from living in a cave.


Radical feminism teaches a revisionist version of history in the world was built on the backs of women. It doesn’t include how many men died building railroads, bridges, skyscrapers, sewers, dams, or roads. It doesn’t mention the countless hours men labored in fields, factories, mines, boats, and forests. It doesn’t honor the firemen, trashmen, cooks, movers, industrial cleaners, or mechanics who have worked until their hands bled and kept working. Maybe if women did more of the backbreaking work men take for granted, they would realize how green the grass is on their side of the fence.



12: Never forget your soldiers and what they sacrificed for you.


Nobody in a foxhole ever said men have it easier than women. You don’t need to go to war to understand that. If you can watch any war movie, and still look a veteran in the eye and tell them they never had to sacrifice anything, and the world would be better off without them, then the problem is you’re pathologically self-centered.


13: Everyone is good and evil.


Everyone loves and hates someone. Everyone has helped and hurt someone. Everyone wants to do what’s right, but nobody knows how to be perfect. We all make mistakes, because everyone is born, lives, and dies ignorant. No individual is completely good or evil, let alone any group. If you only acknowledge the worst things done by the worst people in any group, you could justify being bigoted against anyone, but that’s insane.



14: The root of the world’s problems is predatory capitalism.


If it seems like women and minorities are oppressed, it’s not because white men designed the world to oppress them. It’s because rich people designed the world to oppress the poor. If it seems like most rich people are white men, it’s because you’re only looking at white men. In every country, the majority of people are poor, and the majority of rich people have the same skin color as the majority of the population. And behind every rich man, is at least one woman spending his money while he works.

You’re not being oppressed by the white boy who takes your order at McDonald’s. He’s being oppressed by his employer, who is also oppressing you by selling gullible customers addictive, overpriced poison burgers. Aborting all the white babies in the world won’t change the normalcy of predatory business practices, and neither will lynching the rich. The only thing that will accomplish the goals of feminism is economic reform. As long as feminists continue directing conversations and energy towards hating men, business owners of every race will continue to exploit everyone unopposed.



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What Are Transexuals? Why Are They Suddenly Popular? Why Do Conservatives Fear Them?

Sexual norms have been changing rapidly in America over the past few decades. In a country that used to have laws against sodomy, homosexuality has become so accepted that gays have been granted the right to marry and serve openly in the military. As shocking as this was to conservative Americans, they’re now having to cope with the fact that transsexuals are being accepted as mainstream celebrities, and the federal government is defending their choice to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Some Americans view this sexual revolution as a sign of progress. Others view it as a sign of the apocalypse and predict God is going to burn down America like He did Sodom and Gomorra as punishment for becoming such a perverse society. Others believe sexual tolerance is a liberal conspiracy to erase conservative culture in order to eliminate conservatives as a political opponent. Most Americans aren’t that dramatic or articulate about why they’re unaccepting of transsexuals. If you ask them their opinion, they may say something like this:

“I just don’t get why someone would want to chop their dick off.”

“How is chopping your dick off, not a sign of mental illness?”

“God made us how we’re supposed to be. You can’t change that.”

“If these people are so miserable with who they are, why don’t they just kill themselves?”

“Anyone who wants to dress up like the opposite sex is just a pervert. Plain and simple.”

“A lot of these people saying they identify as another gender just want attention. They’re just doing it because it’s popular.”

America is confused by transsexuals, but the explanation is actually quite simple. It’s just not something conservatives want to hear. Gender is determined by genetics, not by a decision you make. Gender identity isn’t a moral or philosophical question. It has everything to do with DNA and chromosomes. This isn’t a conspiracy. Nobody made up or reverse engineered the evidence for this conclusion. Impartial scientists tweezed apart the building blocks of the human body and reported the facts they found, and anyone can repeat the same experiments and find the same evidence that supports the same conclusions.

Everyone’s DNA is a little different by nature, and everyone has unintended genetic anomalies. Sex chromosomes aren’t black and white. We all fall in a grey spectrum. At the far end of the spectrum, some people are born with the genes of one sex but the body of the other. They have the wrong operating system for the hardware they’re using.



Transsexuals didn’t ask to be born the way they are, and they don’t like being trapped in the wrong body. Coming to terms with having a mismatched mind and body (let alone living in a society that won’t accept them) is so agonizing that almost half of all transsexuals will attempt suicide at some point in their life. The decision to alter their bodies isn’t something they do flippantly.

Granted, some people with normal chromosomes may choose to identify as the opposite sex because of events that happened to them in childhood or personal preference. Even if sexuality isn’t biological, and it’s only a choice for everyone… people should still have the freedom to do what they want.  Freedom isn’t supposed to be comfortable for anyone other than the individual exercising their freedom.

America has always had its own transgender members. If conservatives didn’t notice, that’s because they ignored, dismissed and oppressed them into oblivion. Conservatives aren’t facing a new enemy. They’re seeing their family for the first time.

There have always been transgender people in every country in the world. Historically, most cultures have treated their transgender members like outcasts. In India and Hawaii, they belonged to the lowest caste, but at least those societies acknowledged the existence of the third gender and incorporated them into the culture.



Christians are having a hard time accepting their transgender kin because the Bible never mentions DNA, genes, chromosomes or the third gender, but it says in black and white that homosexuality is a sin, and transsexuals are close enough to homosexuals to lump them together.

In Christianity, sin is a matter of life and death. So to Christians, it’s a matter of life and death that everyone acts Christian. From one point of view, taking away other people’s freedom to sin is saving their life. From another Christian perspective, sinners made a decision to turn from God, and the path they’ve chosen leads straight to Hell. Accepting sinners is accepting evil, and officially granting them the legal freedom to sin is tantamount to electing Satan for president.

It should seem suspicious that Christians are so invested in oppressing homosexuals and transsexuals for not living Biblically since Christians have been abandoning the teachings of the Bible since it was written. As clearly as the Torah states homosexuality is wrong, it also states homosexuals should be killed. Polygamy and slavery should be legal. It’s immoral to eat shellfish, wear clothes with mixed fibers, get tattoos, pull your penis out of your wife when you ejaculate, have a wet dream or go to church if your testicles are mutilated. It also says in black and white that you should kill adulterers, disobedient children, witches, and anyone who stands in the way of the Jewish theocracy.

Modern, American Christians don’t believe in these laws or follow them. While Baby Boomers are still deluding themselves into believing they’re Christian, Millennials are not. The world has already woken up from history and is moving on past Christian mythology. When the Baby Boomers die, the era of Christianity will be over. There will still be Christians, but they’ll be an irrelevant, impotent shadow of what they once were. Eventually, they’ll fade away into the history books.



In the meantime, Christians are left watching in horror and confusion as their culture disappears. Their fear of America becoming a secular nation is validated every time the government passes laws that give homosexuals and transsexuals equal rights. When the government sides against Christianity, it officially declares Christians have lost the culture war. These rulings are nails in Christianity’s coffin.

It’s natural that Christians are frightened by Post-Biblical America and are frustrated with being pushed to the sidelines. It’s to be expected that they would lash out. No matter how many homosexuals and transgender people they harass, it won’t bring Christianity back. Violence and hatred were never going to solve anything anyway.

Now is not the time for hatred. Now is the time for everyone to pause, take a deep breath, and humbly consider the possibility their religion might be mythology. You owe it to yourself to do a few Google searches challenging whatever ideas you refuse to question. If your beliefs stand the most rigorous test of truth, you’ll just strengthen your faith. If you discover mountains of evidence that you’re wrong, you could free yourself from a lifetime of misguidance.

Christians who can’t let go of their modernized, watered-down version of Israel’s ancient mythology will just have to find some way to cope with the fact that transgender people are here to stay because there aren’t enough haters left to successfully oppress them.

When the federal government puts the next coffin nail in Christianity, and Christian anger flares up again, I urge Christians to pause, take another deep breath and ask yourself if you should really be angry that the world won’t accept your prejudices. Maybe you’re not the victim. Maybe you’re on the wrong side of history. You don’t want to be the bad guy. You owe it to yourself to question the beliefs that led you to screaming at people in bathrooms.


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Why I Like Strip Clubs

A few years ago I posted a blog about why I don’t like going to strip clubs. Here’s the last paragraph if you don’t have time to read the whole thing:

“So basically, when you ask me if I want to go to a strip club you’re really asking me to pay a shit load of money to get sexually frustrated by a bunch of resentful liars who look down on me and won’t hesitate to make me feel guilty if I don’t give them what they want. Why don’t I just go in the bathroom and flush my money down the toilet while punching myself in the balls and shouting self-deprecating remarks at myself in the mirror? At least then I won’t have to leave the house.”

Mind you, I never said I wouldn‘t go to a strip club. There are a few good reasons to go to them. Every once in a while the cost/benefit analysis tips in favor of going to one, and I feel like it’s only fair that since I wrote a blog analyzing the cons of strip clubs, then I should also write a blog analyzing the positives.

To truly understand the positive side of the strip club business, you have to look past the window dressings and see the issue for what it really is, and the real issue is nudity. Public nudity. Now, here’s the thing about public nudity: everybody was born naked. Clothing is a lie. I’m not saying clothes aren’t useful or necessary. I wouldn’t walk around naked all the time, but the fact remains, clothes are a human invention designed to hide the way we really are. The only reason we feel ashamed of our bodies and terrified of other people’s bodies is because humans decided (on their own, without any help from any frigid God) that our nature is taboo. Our ancestors came up with this dumb ass idea back in the caveman days, and we’ve passed that dumb lie down from generation to generation ever since. We’re so used to it that we accept it completely. People rarely question the dumb ass taboo on nudity because we’re raised to believe that it goes without saying that nudity is unnatural and taboo. We’re all so dumb that we’ve convinced ourselves we live in a bizarro universe where natural nudity is unnatural and unnatural clothes are natural. We’re all so convinced of this dumb ass illusion that we actively believe (or at least passively accept) that the government has a moral obligation to protect us from ourselves to the extent that the government can literally throw women in jail for taking their shirts off in the same places men can take their shirts off.

Have you ever heard the song, “Doo Wop, That Thing” by Lauren Hill? We’re so afraid of our own sexuality that we can’t even say the word “sex.” Notice how there’s never any sex in fairy tales for children? Notice how shocking the very idea of having sex scenes in fairy tales is? But what do you think the spoiled princess and the subservient knight are going to be doing for happily ever after? They’re going to be fucking, and it’s not always going to be porcelain doll sex. After the salad days are over and they start getting bored of their sex life they’re going to look for ways to make it more exciting. They’re going to let down their pretenses about being goody-two-shoes, and for the vast majority of their marriage, they’re going to be fucking like two elephant seals fighting over territory. Oh, they’ll do things with their bodies they wouldn’t tell their mothers about. In fact, there will be blood. But that’s not even the worst of it. For example, when prince charming gets old he’s going to walk around the palace naked with his old, hairy balls dragging behind him, and when the princess gets old her vibrant tropical flower is going to wilt and to the point where it looks more like an elephant’s mouth, and even after it the princess gets so old that her tropical flower has gone from an elephant’s mouth to an old pile of dusty chicken skin,  she’s going to keep banging prince charming like an elephant seal.



That’s the unmentionable reality, but kids have no idea what’s in store for them because we keep feeding them this Disney crap version of reality where sex and nudity don’t exist and everyone is a Southern Baptist. Raising children on this bizarro version of reality sets them up for sexual failure and frustration later in life.

Think about it. Honestly, everyone thinks about sex all the time. Everybody thinks about fucking almost everybody else all the time. Everybody wants to get fucked, and most of the time they don’t want to be caressed like a precious petal. They want to be fucked like an animal.

That old librarian, that dilapidated toll booth attendant, the old folks who you go to get your vehicle permits and government benefits forms from, the princess in the front row of the class, the geek in the back, the teacher…they’re all sex addicts.And the ones who aren’t, are in a lot of pain because they’ve brutally suppressed their own nature through self-denial and self-punishment. And yet we all walk around acting like Southern Baptists when we’re really sex addicts.

Sex is natural. Nudity is natural. Our sexual desires are as natural and as vital as the need to eat, drink and sleep. If you starve yourself of sexual gratification, then you’ll get hungry and starve.Everybody knows that starving beasts become dangerous predators. That’s why so many priests molest little boys. Raise people on frigid sexual morals that starve them of their natural appetites, and they’ll turn into desperate beasts who will stop at nothing to make the hunger go away. If they don’t end up raping or molesting someone, they’ll become broken inside. Neither of those paths are good or necessary. You know what is good and necessary? The sight of the female form.


Play this song while reading the rest of this blog. 


Strip clubs only have a bad reputation because the rest of society still believes in caveman morality. In reality, strips clubs are a beacon of sexual freedom. Their very existence challenges the past and looks to the future, a future where all people can live free from fear and sexual oppression. Sure, on multiple levels, strip clubs are a little depressing, but that’s only because of the caveman sexual morals society imposes on itself.

Once society stops living in the past and legalizes sex and nudity, then strip clubs will be able to blossom to their full potential. When that day comes, men and women will be able to comfortably and guiltlessly marvel at the natural beauty of a med school drop out’s body while having lunch. And that med school drop-out will be able to proudly display the body God (if God exists ) gave her. And the only consequence of one person admiring another person’s beauty will be their mutual enjoyment. If I live to see that day, I’ll lift my glass to both of them and think, “What a wonderful world we share.”


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Why I Don’t Like Strip Clubs

Photo of the exterior of a strip club with a neon sign that says, "GIRLS GIRLS."


It’s not that I have a moral objection to strip clubs. I firmly believe that most of our morals against all things sexual are archaic and illogical. I certainly don’t believe that women’s chests are inherently evil and thus strip clubs are immoral because you can see women’s evil chests there.

I don’t believe strip clubs degrade women and treat them like meat either…at least, not any more than any other servile customer service job does. I wouldn’t want any woman I know to work at one, but it’s a woman’s choice. It’s not the best choice, but at the end of the day, strippers are professionals working in a customer service role where consenting adults exercise their right to free will in a safe environment to fill a demand and make more money than my job pays. So that’s not why I hate going to strip clubs. Here’s why I do:

This is what happens when you go to a strip club. You pay an unreasonable amount of money to get in the door even though you could see naked woman for free on the internet. You could also spend less money buying a girl drinks at a bar and taking her home. Granted, at a strip club you get to watch a bunch of girls dance around naked without having to spend half the night pretending to be more confident, successful, or interested in the girl you’re talking to than you really are, but at American strip clubs you can’t touch the girls.

It reminds me of one time when I was 5 or 6 years old and my dad promised me and my brothers that if we cleaned our rooms he would take us to Toys R Us, a gigantic toy store. So we cleaned our rooms like never before, and the next day our dad took us to Toys R Us like he promised. We all picked out one toy we wanted, and when we brought them to our dad he looked at us like we were stupid and said, “I told you I’d take you to Toys R Us. I didn’t say I’d buy you anything.” That hurt. That’s the feeling I get from strip clubs.

Even what little you can touch the girls you’re still not going to achieve… satisfaction. You’re just going to get all pent up and frustrated. It’s like going to a car show and getting all excited about the amazing cars there even though you’re not going to get to drive any. Why torture yourself like that?

To add insult to injury, the girls there don’t even like you. In all likelihood they despise you. Even if you’re not a fat, greasy, disgusting scum bag, they assume you’re there because you’re too lame to get a real girlfriend, but they pretend to like you, which makes them liars. If I called you up and said, “Hey, wanna go hang out with a bunch of liars tonight?” You’d tell me you have better things to do.

Even if you don’t want to throw your money away sticking it in resentful lying girls’ panties, you can always just sit there and watch. What better scenery to watch while drinking overpriced beers and chatting with your bros than a bunch of beautiful women?

Wait a minute. You can’t just sit there and watch. Whether you want to touch these girls or not, they’re going to ask you if you want to buy a lap dance. Then, when you tell them you don’t want to give them all your money, they’re going to scowl at you and make you feel bad about it like you’re a Scrooge. Why would you pay to enter a room full of people who are going to make you feel guilty for not doing something you don’t want to do?

So basically, when you ask me if I want to go to a strip club, you’re really asking me to pay a ton of money to get sexually frustrated by a bunch of resentful liars who look down on me and won’t hesitate to make me feel guilty if I don’t give them what they want.

Why don’t I just go in the bathroom and flush my money down the toilet while punching myself in the balls and shouting self-deprecating remarks at myself in the mirror? At least then I won’t have to leave the house. That’s why I don’t like going to strip clubs.


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