Wise Sloth Video List: Fixing The Economy

I prefer watching educational videos on YouTube more than watching television, but it’s tedious digging for good content, and I’ve already seen most of the good stuff while searching for videos to put in my blogs. In case anyone else is looking for entertaining educational videos on YouTube, I made a series of posts with all the ones I’ve used on The Wise Sloth, organized by topic, with links to the posts they appear in. You’re bound to be enlightentained, and if you need help exploring the 600+ essays on The Wise Sloth, these video lists offer a quick overview that practically summarize my philosophies.

This list comes from my essays on economics and focuses on fixing the economy.

My 1-point plan on how to save the world



Politics won’t stop being evil until economics stops being evil



Collapse is the product of unsustainability. Sustainability is the product of sustainability.




The world won’t get better until you stop being a consumer whore



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One response to “Wise Sloth Video List: Fixing The Economy

  • Keith

    Note that economics is simply a science, with its entire purpose being to have humans choose what is most valuable for them in their lives (using such terms as “utils of satisfaction”, which is all about happiness).

    Capitalism is simply a system, with no inherent evil – though evil people can misuse any system, including “nice” systems (like the nice intent of communism and socialism).

    If it were not for capitalism and its freedom, we would not have advanced from our old world of poverty and suffering – it was the key cause, objectively.

    Once one gets rid of the false characterizations, one can then have a progressive conversation wherein we build in all of the key life values yet use reality (such as “incentives”) to help us make good decisions.

    I, too, want the very best for humanity (especially in the very, very poor countries), but we cannot arrive at those goals without doing what is practical.

    Note how Bill Gates, one of the greatest humanitarians of all time (in action and benefits), uses principles and the realities of human behavior to achieve greater things, without making any one wrong or evil.

    Still, as always, education is the key, while teaching people to think and determine what is true and logical is what will catapult us forward to the point where we can serve all of humanity (with the resources that are required and the skills that are needed).


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