Spit in one hand and pray in the other. see which one fills up faster

Here’s how the universe works. There’s cause and effect. One thing happens, and that effects another thing. That’s it. Now you hold the key to understanding and solving all the world’s problems. If there’s a problem going on in the world then there’s a real world solution that needs to be applied to the problem in order to fix it. In the real world staying at home and wishing for the problem to solve its self has only one effect: It allows the problem to persist because it takes people who are capable of solving problems out of the problem solving game.

Take me up on this challenge. Take your whole church up on this challenge. Every time you feel the urge to pray, go out and help someone. Give up praying for a month and go work in a homeless shelter instead. At the end of the month ask yourself which method really made the world a better place. Now imagine if everyone in the world stopped praying and went out and worked…and not just for a month but for the rest of their lives. There wouldn’t be a problem left in the world.

Even the Pope isn’t foolish enough to bet his life on his faith in prayer. When he asked himself the question, “How can I stop an assassin?” He didn’t turn to God. He turned to scientists and workers who did real world work and built a bullet proof Pope Mobile. Why didn’t the Pope just pray for God to protect him? Because prayer doesn’t work, but actual work does.

However you felt about this post, you’ll probably feel the same way about these:

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3 responses to “Spit in one hand and pray in the other. see which one fills up faster

  • Jennifer

    Hey, I do agree with what you have to say and I know as well that Christianity is a fucking retarded myth.
    But I care to spit this cuz you’re openminded and I know you will consider what I have to say:
    I do pray a lot, and to me prayer is something completely different than religion and it works close to every time.
    But I don’t pray to God, I pray to myself, or the universe which is basically the same thing.
    I ask for little things that I want, and somehow things always work out. Like when I’ve had a really bad day or have felt very lonely, I pray about it at night for the next day to be better and the next day I’m fine, for real.
    I’m aware that praying about worldpeace wont make worldpeace, so the fact that people should go out and do good things instead is a great idea^^ Did that make any sense?
    I appreciate your blog, it’s inspiring!


  • Berd

    Hi, I’ve read some of your posts and, being a Christian myself, I just felt like I shouldn’t leave your blog without contributing something to it. Don’t worry though because I won’t try to preach or argue with you. I respect your opinion and beliefs, but I just have a few questions to ask:

    How did you arrive at your interpretations?
    How do you know you are right?
    Do you believe in any God?
    Have you been in a tragic/hopeless situation where there was nothing else you can do but hope and pray?
    Or, have you ever prayed at all?
    Have you inquired why some people keep on praying when their prayers are mostly unanswered?

    Hoping for your response. =))


    • wise sloth


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