It’s Time To Stop Celebrating Christmas

It’s time to stop celebrating Christmas. It’s a ridiculous holiday, and it does more harm than good. Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday that celebrated the winter solstice, but 300 years after Jesus’s death, the Roman Christian theocrats made up a lie that Jesus was born on the winter solstice to steal the appeal of the celebration and undermine their competition. It’s one mythology telling a lie to undermine another mythology.

In the 1920’s marketers working for Coca~Cola invented the modern version of Santa Clause in order to co-op the grandeur of Christmas from the Christians and use it to indoctrinate gross consumerism into children, which is a distinctly un-Christian and un-Pagan practice. So Christmas is a celebration of irresponsibility, lies, and mythology. This holiday is an exercise in, and a celebration of, insanity.

Humanity is smart enough to lay this obsolete holiday to rest and move on. I suggest we replace Christmas with a new holiday called, “Just Help Someone Day.” You don’t kill a coniferous tree or spoil your children on Just Help Someone Day. You don’t dress up like a Pagan monster. You don’t put up lights or lawn decorations. You just go help somebody. The reason you celebrate Just Help Somebody Day is because it’s rational and empathetic. It’s what you should be doing anyway. If you simply must have presents and festive traditions then we could have Present Day, Hot Chocolate Day or Silly Hats Day. Let’s just celebrate life without pretending to believe in mythology and lies.

If we keep raising kids on absurd, irresponsible, anti-intellectual traditions they’ll keep living in a warped reality and acting accordingly foolish. If we get kids used to thinking critically and helping people, maybe they’ll retain those cultural practices into adulthood and pass them on to their kids. First, we have to raise the bar and stop celebrating Christmas.



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