Christians, You Believe In Science

New rule: Christians aren’t allowed to dismiss scientific evidence as here-say using the excuse “Science is just theories.” The reason you can’t use that excuse anymore is that you believe in science. You put your faith in science every moment of every day, and you sleep more securely at night because of the faith you have in science than because of your belief in the Bible.

You have faith that water will freeze when its temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You have faith that when you send an electric charge through a tube of halogen gas it’ll release light. You put your faith in science in action every time you take a drink of pasteurized milk. You don’t ask God what the five-day weather forecast is going to be. You ask a meteorologist.

The words you’re reading were typed on the Internet. The human race used everything it knew about the fundamental properties of electricity, light, atoms, gravity, physics, and problem-solving to create a machine that is literally wrapped around the entire globe directing rivers of beaming information packets that exist and yet don’t exist. All of this is built on scientific principles you take for granted.

Human beings have also successfully used science to send human beings to the moon and remote-controlled robots to Mars. Physics may be theories, but they’re reliable enough to send a rocket from one rotating, orbiting planet to another rotating, orbiting planet, and send back pictures. Every astronaut that has gone to space has bet their life on their faith in our understanding of physics, and if you’ve ever flown in a plane, rode a car or a roller coaster then you’ve bet your life on your faith in science too.

There is nothing sinister about that. It’s a relief. You can sleep well knowing your carbon monoxide/smoke detector will protect your family. You can have faith that chemists and biologists understand the theories behind the periodic table of elements and the human body well enough to design the vitamins and medicines you take. Every suburban parent has faith that if a child drinks Drano it will die. Most suburban parents probably couldn’t even explain the science behind why drinking Drano will kill a person, but they don’t need to know all the boring details because they have faith.

It’s not fair to put your faith in science 99.9% of the time, but the minute you need a vague, cop-out excuse to win an argument, then you make a big deal about how science is all of a sudden evil and unreliable. That’s not a valid argument; that’s a defense mechanism.

There’s no reason to even go there. Science isn’t the bad guy. It’s not out to get anyone. Science’s only agenda is reporting what it’s observed. It’s just looking at what’s happened in the past and saying, “I bet if we did that again the same thing would happen.” In some ways, science is just stating the obvious.  Well, if people standing around pointing out the obvious are constantly disagreeing with you, then at some point you should take a step back and consider the possibility that the source of confusion isn’t that scientists have a sinister agenda; the source of the confusion might just be that you’re wrong.


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