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Activism Quest Card Deck Template

I was inspired to make this quest card deck after seeing multiple video games in which a computer character will give the human player a quest card, a piece of paper with instructions, rewards, and consequences on it, to give them goals to complete and incentives to motivate them. Sometimes players follow a chain of quest cards that can only be obtained by completing the lower-level quests. I thought if video game characters can walk a human through a complex quest to do something important in a virtual world, why couldn’t a real human give a real card to another real person, and guide them through accomplishing a goal that’s important in real life? What if we had quest card chain desks that organize groups of people into solving the most important problems facing humanity? There’s no reason you couldn’t. So I made a prototype.

How to use the quest card deck template:

1: Identify one serious environmental, economic, humanitarian or other problem in the world.

2: Write a description of the problem in the “Challenge Quest Chain” boxes and a general description of the quest.

3: Using the guides below, come up with thirteen quests for each problem following the prompts on the top two rows. Write the quest descriptions/instructions on the row of playing cards to the right of each quest chain.

4: Print out the cars and give them to people. Offer rewards for completing them.

Grid of playing cards with boxes of instructions on the far left and top rows

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