Have A Sane Perception Of Conspiracy Theories

"I don't know... therefore Aliens"

A reader E-mailed me recently and asked if I would write a blog analyzing the flaws in all the major conspiracy theories like the moon landing, Area 51, JFK and September 11th. I could do that, but all of that information is already readily available, and anyone who is intimately familiar with conspiracy theories knows the holes in them. The reason people obsesses over conspiracy theories isn’t because they need the obvious pointed out to them. What they need is to think sanely to begin with.

The reason conspiracy theories exist at all is because we don’t know enough information about them to understand them completely. If we did they would simply be factoids. No matter how plausible your theories are, without the hard evidence to back them up they’re not even theories; they’re inconsequential hypotheses.

It’s admirable to invest time and energy solving problems that are important to humanity, but if you’re a skilled enough thinker to solve a complex riddle then you should be skilled enough of a thinker to recognize that trying to solve a problem without knowing all the variables is a fool’s errand.

Even if you could succeed in proving on paper that the moon landing was faked, that Area 51 has alien technology, that the Illuminate shot JFK and the September 11th terrorist attacks were orchestrated by the American government, what would that really change? Sure, people would know the truth, but as important as the truth is, the reality is that it probably wouldn’t change anything. Everyone will go on about their lives as normal: dating, working, shopping and watching television.  Exposing the truth about conspiracy theories won’t ignite a revolution. The truth will simply get filed in Wikipedia and eventually be forgotten.

As important as truth is, many people need food and protection more than they need truth. If you’re smart enough and driven enough to solve outdated, cryptic conspiracy hypotheses, then you’re probably capable of solving real cut-and-dry  problems that humanity desperately needs rectified such as corporate influence in politics, UCMJ reform, corruption in the FDA and NSA, the war on drugs, the existence of sweatshops, the unsustainability of suburbia, income inequality, inflated housing prices, the glass ceiling of higher education, the oppression of the academically disinclined and price gouging in health care.

If the US government is really run by multinational corporations that hide aliens, assassinate world leaders and destroy skyscrapers then that problem needs to be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Calling out the powers that be for committing atrocities and covering them up isn’t going to stop them from happening. However, fixing the problems that lead to poverty, corruption and crime will cause a domino effect that will solve all the world’s problems and undermine the powers that be even if we never find out who, if anyone, is really running things.

Your time and energy are invaluable. Use them wisely. If you’re going to devote your life to solving problems then solve the most important problems. Once we all have food in our bellies and roofs over our heads then we can worry about toying with theoretical puzzles.


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