We Need To Talk About This Pants Situation

Today we have video phones just like all the 1980s sci-fi movies predicted. We sent robots to Mars. Laser weapons are being actively tested in live fire exercises. We don’t quite have the flying car or the hoverboard yet, but we did get mind-blowing video games that are connected through a global computer network. We might not have interstellar spaceships, but the future is now.

So what’s the deal with the pants? Why are we still wearing chaffing farm labor pants that require hard, constrictive belts to hold up? Soldiers don’t even wear blue jeans or khakis to battle because they’re completely impractical. So suburbanites surely don’t need them. Most of us just sit around in offices all day. Why are we all not wearing Star Treck onesies, pajamas, robes or maybe a jersey knit version of BDUs? Why are we not even wearing the really comfortable stuff we already invented?

How do people dress when their company has a, “wear whatever you want to work” day? They show up in pajamas and track pants. That’s what our instinct tells us to do. That’s what our heart tells us to do. Why don’t we let the spirit run free?

Come on. Shouldn’t we have taken care of this pants situation by now?

Picture of a pair of pants inside a red circle with a red slash across it


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