Stop Talking About Guns, And Start Talking About Poverty

Gun control is always a big topic in America, and it flares back up every time there’s a mass shooting.  When that happens, gun rights advocates say there to be more guns more places in America, and these people are outraged by real or imagined prospects of stricter gun control laws.



While the Christian, conservative, patriotic base is calling for secession and revolt if they lose the freedom to shoot people, there are billions of people in the world and millions of people in America who are trapped beneath an economic glass ceiling and forced to spend their short, irreplaceable, invaluable lives working themselves to death doing undignified, inhumane work for barely enough money to survive, let alone enjoy the luxuries of the 21st century.

Ending poverty is more important than ending gun control. Every day spent talking about guns is another day the oppression of the working class continues. Everyone talking about guns right now is distracting the national dialogue from the actual biggest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: poverty.



Anyone who truly believes that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” should want the gun debate dropped in favor of the poverty debate, because desperate, uneducated, stressed out people are the ones who use guns for evil. Desperation, ignorance, and anxiety need to be removed from American culture before gun violence is going to end, and American culture isn’t going to change until the oppression of the poor ends. The oppression of the poor isn’t going to end until it dominates the national dialogue. So talk about that.


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