The Fundamental Problem With The Economy

The problem with the economy is simple. Workers are paid minimum wage to work as long and as hard as possible. At the same time, goods and services are priced as high, and are made as cheaply, as possible. This simple formula creates two outcomes that are very easy to calculate.

One: It costs more to live than most employees can earn working forty hours per week.

Two: Most of society’s money flows up to business owners’ bank accounts.

The upward flowing money doesn’t trickle back down to the poor because the rich hoard it and/or spend it on expensive possessions. What little money does trickle down to low-wage employees, gets spent immediately on extortion-priced food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, and repairs.

The more money the rich exploit from the poor, the less money the majority of consumers have to spend. The less shoppers spend, the fewer jobs are needed to fill the customers’ demands. The higher the unemployment rate, the greater demand for jobs there is. The higher the competition for jobs is, the less pay, fewer benefits and longer hours applicants will agree to, in exchange for a job. The more businesses exploit their employees’ desperation, the more profit the owner can keep, and thus, the better the economy looks on paper.

When CEOs are getting rich, it looks like the economy is doing great, but ultimately, it means life sucks as much as possible for as many people as possible. That’s the fundamental problem with the economy.

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