My Theory On Social Justice Warriors

Wikipedia defines “Social Justice Warrior” as “… a pejorative term for an individual promoting socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics. The accusation of being an SJW carries implications of pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction, and being engaged in disingenuous social justice arguments or activism to raise personal reputation, also known as virtue signaling.”

The tone of Wikipedia’s definition illustrates how underwhelmed the general public is by social justice warriors. For the most part, nobody takes them seriously, and we just try to ignore them, but they keep popping back up in the news and social media feeds. You may be content to wait until the SJW fad fizzles out and disappears, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you may be wondering what makes these people tick? Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want? Why are they so angry? Why do they hate men so much? Are they right or wrong, and why?

Mild curiosity aside, there are two very important reasons people need to understand social justice warriors. First, conservative culture has a tendency to stereotype social justice warriors as typical liberals. Anytime an SJW flips out over nothing, conservatives flood social media with posts saying, “Look at how stupid libtards are.”

This is preventing conservatives from having rational discussions with the rest of America. Stereotyping anyone who isn’t conservative as an unhinged feminazi is as absurd as stereotyping every conservative as the Alt-Right. It would be as horrifying to live under the delusion that every conservative is a racist troll as it would be to believe every liberal is a social justice warrior. Luckily, neither of those assumptions are true. So we can all get along and have civil discussions. At least, we could if both sides would stop stereotyping the other by their most extreme members. Until that happens, America will remain divided.

Like most Americans, I don’t fit neatly into the conservative or liberal dichotomy, and I resent the minority of conservatives who lump me in with social justice warriors. But I resent social justice warriors more for creating the stereotype in the first place.

I also resent social justice warriors, because I’m a white male, which makes me public enemy number one in their eyes. This is the second reason it’s important to understand and talk about social justice warriors. By passively ignoring and not standing up to them, we legitimize their agenda, which on the surface is to achieve peace and equality, but their call to action tends to revolve around demonizing white men. We wouldn’t passively ignore KKK rallies on school campuses, but the social justice warrior movement is equally racist and almost as aggressive.

As a white man, it’s insulting and degrading to hear how much these people hate and blame me for everything wrong in the world. Part of me feels bad for them spending their lives in a twisted reality where I’m a demon, but the rest of me is frankly scared. I keep expecting a feminist to go on a shooting spree targeting white men, after which I’ll have to hear social justice warriors throw a tantrum and scream about how the shooter wasn’t a true social justice warrior because they don’t advocate violence. That’s bullshit. They advocate hatred, which can only lead to violence. Even if it doesn’t, blaming the world’s problems on “the patriarchy” is a waste of everybody’s time that does more to distract us from the root of our problems than it helps solve anything.

So who are these people, and how did they get so extreme? Are they just stupid? Do they deserve to be ridiculed, pitied, feared or accepted? I don’t believe they deserve to be hated any more than people with autism who can’t function in society. If it seems crazy to flip out over nothing, that’s because it is. They act like crazy street preachers because they suffer from a similar mental disorder.

Social justice warriors are literally disconnected from reality to begin with, but the problem is compounded by the fact that they tend to come from upper-middle-class families with enough disposable income to send their snowflakes to college. You never see social justice warriors in the ghetto, because poor people are too busy struggling to survive to worry about gender pronouns, safe spaces, microaggressions and emotional triggers.

To be fair, their hearts are in the right place. Their desire for progress and equality comes from their overactive maternal instincts, which I could overlook if their solution for world peace wasn’t to wage war on white men.

The reason they blame white men for everything is because they’re too privileged to have experienced the real cause of the world’s problems: poverty. In their insulated bubble, they just latched onto the explanations fed to them by their feminist professors, who have also spent so much time in academia they don’t know what’s going on in the real world either.

It should seem odd that highly educated college students could see the world in such an obviously oversimplified and incorrect black and white narrative, but it makes sense when you realize social justice warriors are a product of a broken schools system that doesn’t teach students critical thinking skills.

Blaming all the world’s flaws on one group of people and addressing the problem by screaming is the epitome of intellectual laziness… and so is screaming back at them. A more lucid reaction would be to accept responsibility for helping create the conditions that allowed the social justice warrior movement to happen in the first place.

If the entire country had been talking about poverty more than cats, sports, and television, then everyone would already understand the source of our problems, and social justice warriors would be directing their energy in the right direction. As it stands, they’re filling the need for justice in a typically American way: by demonizing a scapegoat. They’re an inevitable by-product of America’s collective intellectual laziness.

Social justice warriors are mentally unstable, privileged, lazy Americans riding a convenient bandwagon. I believe that if there were a better alternative, they would take it, but it doesn’t exist because Americans are preoccupied with sharing baby photos and selfies. If everyone raised the intellectual bar for themselves and talked about the right topics, then the social justice movement would be swept up in the cultural momentum.

As long as nobody is talking, the only people we’ll hear are the loudest, craziest extremists in society. This will make them look more prominent than they are and cede control of the national dialogue to them. The only way to stop this madness is by talking about more important ideas louder and more frequently than them.


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2 responses to “My Theory On Social Justice Warriors

  • Amy

    PS – I agree that the SJWs have done a lot of harm in making it a bad climate for white males in America right now. It’s as if they can do nothing right.


  • Amy

    This post has made me so happy, because it has verbalized everything I never quite knew how to put my finger on but felt.
    A few things: “They advocate hatred, which can only lead to violence.” Well said!
    As a woman who is half-white, half-Asian, grew up poor, I want to throw up every time I hear the words “patriarchy” and “mansplain.” It’s like you said, poor people have real problems. They don’t have time to think about made-up problems. People in a lot of other countries would kill to have some of theseproblems.

    I remember being very angry because when the movie “Aloha” came out, all these social justice warriors were expressing outrage that they used a white actress to play the lead role instead of an Asian actress, when the character was my exact racial mixture, which occurs in less than 1% of the American population. I was insulted because they were demanding an Asian actress, when all my life I’ve felt insecure because I pass for all white and don’t look Asian, just like the character in the movie, so I was happy she looked like me. They thought they were speaking up for the tiny population of people who happen to be my racial combination, but they actually insulted me by furthering the hurtful attitude that biracial Asians should look a certain way. So I was angry because all these SJWs were angry about this movie, none of them were of my race, nobody asked any mixed Asians if it actually bothered them, and they actually insulted biracial Asians further by expressing outrage.

    What you said about how they’ve never experienced poverty and come from sheltered backgrounds, that explains so much and really hits the nail on the head. I never realized that, but that’s the common denominator. Great read, and made my night because I’ve had some terrible run-ins with some.


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