Don’t give conspiracy theorists your money

The thing that makes conspiracy theories difficult to understand is because they’re laced with truth, and it can be hard (even impossible) to discern the truth from the fantasy. For example:

*We know the US Air Force keeps its latest planes secret. So we know there are unidentified/identifiable flying aircraft in the world. But there’s no way to know if they’re really just American airplanes.

*It’s pretty well accepted that the WTO (World Trade Organization) gives loans to 3rd world countries but tie the loans with exploitative trade regulations and unmanageably high interest rates which keep 3rd work countries subservient to 1st world ones.

* It’s pretty well documented that the FDA allows poison to be put in our food. Hell, the FDA approved cigarettes for human consumption.

*It’s pretty well documented that Monsanto is copyrighting seeds, genetically engineering seeds, and putting small farms out of business through shady legal bullying.

*It’s pretty well documented that we don’t vote for the president. The electoral college does, but it tells us that it picked the one we wanted anyway, which is bullshit. They led the decision like a magician making you think you picked the card he wanted you to pick.

*It’s pretty well documented that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was created to allow big American companies to move their headquarters to Latin America to escape paying American taxes, following environmental protection laws, and paying realistic wages to its workers.

*It’s pretty well documented that No Child Left Behind has systematically destroyed the American education system and the lives of almost every child (particularly the poor ones) who grew up under this system.

*It’s pretty well documented that the industrial war complex is such an integral part of the American economy that in order for America to continue to prosper and enjoy its quality of living it must constantly be at war.

*It’s pretty well documented that the Federal Reserve exists solely to exploit the American tax payers.

*It’s pretty well documented that the media is lying to you and instilling within you a false perception of reality. And the more you let your children watch television the more you let them become brainwashed with a false perception of reality that reduces them to a mindless consumer whore idiot.

*It’s pretty well documented that if you have a lot of money you can lobby politicians or support them (or threaten to support their opponent) with campaign contributions to get them to do whatever you want them to do. Thus, politicians all the world over really represent the will of their financial backers and not the irrelevant poor people. Thus, big business indirectly control the world governments.

For a few sane and well documented explanation of these stories and more, buy this book:

And watch this documentary as well. It’s fucking awesome:

Now here’s what pisses me off about conspiracy theories. There’s very real, very bad shit going on in the world that people need to know about and that we need to do something about. Naturally, this begs the questions, “Who is responsible, and why are they doing this?”

Conspiracy theorists would have you believe it’s aliens and /or regal magicians out to destroy the world and create a demonic police state for their own dark, sadistic fetish-driven purposes who have been laying out this plan for generations upon generations and everything that has ever happened has been a part of this one unifying, evil plan.

Consider Occam’s Razor, which says, “The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.” This theory says that all the bad things happening in the world are the result of the fact that humans are instinct driven animals whose lives are devoted to fucking and fighting for resources. And when these animals become stronger they fuck over more people. When several of these animals get real strong they fuck each other over. In other words, Earth is a giant sanatorium in full riot condition. Most people don’t realize this and run around their whole lives like chickens with their heads cut off. A lot of (mostly unconnected) people do realize this and realize they can capitalize on it. So they fuck over whoever they can however they can for whatever they can. You don’t need a conspiracy theory for all this. It’s simple human nature.

But when people make up a conspiracy theory to tie it all together they distract us from the real causes and the real solutions of these problems ensuring that those problems are allowed to continue and grow. In addition, the conspiracy audience become slaves to the fear mongering conspiracy theorist who is taking advantage of the fear he knows he can instill in the audience to keep them buying his videos and listening to his radio program. Thus, the conspiracy theorist is a member of the greedy class who is trying to exploit you.

The only question remaining is, “How do I tell the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality?” Here’s a few useful pointers:

*(As I’ve already stated) The simplest answer is usually the best.

*However, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. However, the good thing about truth is that it can be empirically proven. There should be proof or documentation.

*However, conspiracy theorists almost always offer “proof” of their claims. However, their proof is either weak or can’t be reliably corroborated. They quote papers you don’t have access to and thus have to assume are real. They show slides and papers taken from super secret societies. How did they get those super secret papers? They never say. The explain historical events that there are no records of and nobody could have possibly known about, and they don’t bother explaining how they know about these events. They insist magic is real. Magic has never been proven, and they offer no proof other than their own hysterical assertions. They quote other “experts” and show clips of the other expert corroborating their statement. But they never explain how this other person knows this information or how they got it. For all we know it’s their brother merely corroborating a scam.

Conspiracy theorists tell you to have faith in them without questioning. Conspiracy theorists are nothing more than cult leaders who prey on the lost, scared, and gullible. They don’t want to fix a damned thing. The solutions they offer are unachievable and often involve magic. They want the world’s problems to get worse and for us to do nothing about it other than keep buying their videos.

If you’re upset about the state of the world join a political activist group and not a pseudo-political science fiction cult.

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