Tweets by The Wise Sloth #20: Political and Economic Freedom

Cartoon image of a sloth sitting on a mountain top. He is wearing a yellow robe. His head is bowed with his eyes shut, and beams of light shine from around his head. With his left arm, he is holding one finger in the air. Above him are the words, "Tweets by The Wise Sloth."

When the country with the largest prison population celebrates its freedoms, it’s celebrating a delusion.

If the right to vote, work, love, own a gun or live on your own terms can be taken away then they’re not rights. They’re privileges at best.

America would feel more like the land of the free if you didn’t get yelled at and punished for not mowing your lawn.

It’s not sedition if a politician acts against the will & interest of the people. It is if a person complains about corruption too much.

When your government takes away your freedoms for your own good, they’re taking the position that freedom is no good.

You’ll be told America is the land of the free until you try to enter one of its national parks. Then you’ll be told to pay up or piss off.

I have the freedom of speech and religion! Can’t wait to exercise them when bills don’t have me chained to my day job.

July 4th is the day Americans are supposed to take time to appreciate their freedoms… even if they’re not free to take that time off work.

Poor Americans live with more fear than freedoms.

Americans need licenses to do anything but go to church. As long as that line isn’t crossed, we accept having to apply/pay for our freedoms.

If your life feels like a rat race, then you don’t live in the land of the free.

Labor Day isn’t a celebration of freedom. It’s a distraction from the reality that we’re all wage slaves.

America should change its slogan from “the land of the free” to “arbeit macht frei.”

If America were the land of the free nobody would have to work 40 hours per week or die homeless.

If America is a land “of the people, by the people, for the people,” then why is it a gruesome fucking rat race?

If you don’t like America, then leave. Oh, wait. You can’t because America’s oppressive economy keeps you living paycheck to paycheck.

Every month hundreds of millions of Americans celebrate their freedom by living paycheck to paycheck.

Every year Americans celebrate their freedom by paying hundreds of dollars to renew their professional licenses that arbitrarily expired.


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