Tweets by The Wise Sloth #14: Religion is Mythology

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Science answers “what” using evidence. Philosophy answers “why” using logic. Religion answers “what” and “why” with faith in ancient mythology.

Science is just theories, but religion is just mythology.

Science and religion fill different needs. Science fills the need for hard facts. Religion fills the need for intellectually lazy mythology.

If your religious beliefs aren’t based on reality then you deserve to be treated like you believe in mythology.

Some people say it’s inherently immoral to criticize religion… but nobody says it’s wrong to criticize mythology. #allreligionismythology

Austerity creates religions. Luxury kills them. If you’re comfy and happy, you don’t need anyone to sell you hope.

You don’t need a religious book to prove life is valuable. Humans knew that before we taught ourselves how to speak.

Let’s hope and pray people stop believing in mythologies.

The word “theology” is just “mythology” rebranded to not sound exactly like what it really is.

Unicorns are mentioned 9 times in the Bible. How many times does it need to be before it raises reasonable suspicion the Bible is mythology?

If the Easter Bunny were a unicorn, we wouldn’t celebrate Easter, because it would force us to confront the fact that we celebrate mythology

A phobia is an irrational fear that negatively affects your life. That’s insanity. Before picking a religion, vet it for irrational fears.

The Bible summarized: God used to be a blood snorting psychopath, but he killed himself and snorted his own blood. Now God is love.

Christianity summarized: Obey God. Have faith in Him or He’ll kill you. He loves you. Ask Him anything, but don’t expect a reply. Give Him all your money, then wait to die.

Jesus came to earth with infinite cosmic power… which he used to make more booze without having to run to the store or pay for it.

When Jesus said, “He who is without sin, throw the first stone…” He was criticizing the law… the infallible, divine law that HE wrote.

First God says to kill fornicators. Then God comes to Earth to save the world by impregnating a virgin. Way to make your job harder, God.

1 Timothy 6: “All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect.” That’s in the Bible.

Jesus supposedly came to Earth to save humanity. Odd that a savior would endorse slavery.

Ask your Christian friends to explain Leviticus 19: 20-22 to you.

When a Christian wants to tell you about the Bible, ask them to tell you all about Exodus 21

Any story of God coming to Earth in human form that involves God making booze for a party was probably written solely by humans.

If God is all-powerful and wants to forgive us, he never needed to sacrifice himself to himself before he could allow himself to forgive us.

I challenge any Christian to read Exodus and Leviticus ten times, and then say, “I see no evidence of mythology or primitive culture here.”

Someone should print a Bible with all the fucked up parts in red. Then you can give it to Christians and say, “Sell me on anything in red.”

Believing in things there is no evidence for doesn’t make you oopen-minded It makes you gullible.

The Bible hasn’t lasted for centuries because it passes the test for truth. It lasted so long because it forbids you from questioning it.

Most major professional organizations have a code of ethics based on safety & respect that didn’t come from religion #EthicsWithoutReligion

Everyone can use some extra help from God, but people who think, study and work hard need it much less, if any.

Wishful thinking = having faith everything will magically turn out okay. Strength = having faith you can make everything turn out okay.

Faith takes courage until it requires ignoring evidence. Then it takes cowardice, dishonesty and delusion.

How do Atheists know which rules to follow? The same way Christians know which rules in the Bible not to follow.

It’s like anything else… You don’t pray to God to fix your computer. You call a computer tech.

God answered all your prayers by giving you a brain to solve your problems with and the hands and feet to implement the solutions.

Blind faith is more likely to lead you over a cliff than to the Promised Land.

Quickest way to make a Christian happy: Let them try to convert you. Quickest way to make a Christian angry: Try to convert them.

If you must have faith in someone, have faith in someone who questions their own ideas, not someone who threatens you for questioning them.

How do atheists know which rules to follow? The same way Christians know which rules in the Bible not to follow.

Believing in Christianity doesn’t require faith without evidence. It requires denial of overwhelming evidence.


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