Tweets by The Wise Sloth #1: Happiness and Sadness

Cartoon image of a sloth sitting on a mountain top. He is wearing a yellow robe. His head is bowed with his eyes shut, and beams of light shine from around his head. With his left arm, he is holding one finger in the air. Above him are the words, "Tweets by The Wise Sloth."


The more time you put into thinking about things that make you sad and angry, the sadder and angrier you’ll probably be.

Thinking about good things generally makes you feel good. Thinking about bad things generally makes you feel bad.

Holding other people accountable for how you feel disempowers you and burdens them.

The more effort you put into thinking about things that make you happy and inspire you, the happier and more inspired you’ll probably be.

The longer you drink because you’re depressed, the more likely you’re still depressed because you’re still drinking.

The sources of people’s unhappiness are usually found in their lifestyle. If you’re unhappy, that’s where your life probably needs change.

If you cash a lottery ticket and use the winnings to buy cigarettes in lieu of payment, that’s a metaphor for your level of hope in life.

The people I know who have been depressed the longest tend to have spent the least amount of time actively engaging themselves in treatment.

If you hate yourself, your life is going to suck no matter what… until you deal with why you hate yourself.

When things are good, tell yourself they’re good. When things are bad, tell yourself good things are possible.

You can overcome the punches the world throws at you. When you beat yourself up, you don’t have a fighting chance.

If someone pushes you down, it’s their fault you’re down. If you don’t do everything you can to get up, it’s your fault you’re still down.

If you think about solutions to your problems more than the causes, you’re going to have a better time.

Your day will probably be as wonderful as you are.

It’s harder to appreciate life when you’re poisoning your body every day.

Your life won’t improve until you improve your thoughts.

If you’re ever feeling bad, try thinking of something good.

You won’t find peace outside of you until you find peace inside of you.

Don’t expect life to just calm you down, center and focus your attention every day. If you don’t consciously do that yourself it won’t happen.

You could hold on tightly to all the regrets, grievances and pains of your past forever… but what would be the point?

You’d think the pickier you are, the sweeter life will be, but the less picky you are, the less difficult life will be.

With everything wrong in the world today, you’ll explode if you don’t master the art of being mad without feeling mad.

You are not the sum of the way people have treated you.

You deserve more kudos than the world gives you. Don’t resent it. Just know it.

Everyone could eliminate at least half their problems by just shutting their mouth and not bitching and complaining about bullshit.

If you don’t think happy thoughts when things suck, then life is just pretty much always going to suck.

The more you tell yourself the world is on your shoulders, the more it will feel like it.

It takes less time to be calm than it does to panic.

If life doesn’t give you excuses to be happy, you just have to do it yourself or be miserable forever.

Step one of everything you will ever do is to love yourself.


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