Tweets by The Wise Sloth #23: Political Reform

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If it’s a sin to question your government then it’s a sin to fix corruption.

What you want your government to be like matters more than what your forefathers wanted their government to be like.

Instead of having a Republican and Democratic Party, how about a Male and Female, or Young and Old, or Employer and Employee, or anything else?

If only allowing current high school honor students to serve in Congress would seriously make America better, then why not seriously do it?

America tried to use a two-party, winner-take-all voting system to represent the will of a nation so diverse it’s known as “the great melting pot.”

If it’s vital that the president be limited to 2 terms, wouldn’t the same reasons apply to every elected position?

Congress should be held to at least the same standard of testing, tracking and consequences as testing companies hold preteen students to.

Lifelong political positions discriminate against young voters by locking in their parents’ generations’ representation in government.

There should only be one thing you have to do to become a presidential candidate: Pass the hardest government test MIT can come up with.

When a few people are stressed and pissed, change a few things. When most people are, change the fundamentals.

The president picking a vice president is like an ugly girl picking which fat friend she brings to the club to make her look better.

If you can organize a country to vote for a president every 4 years then you can organize a country to vote on important issues every year.

The biggest problem in the world right now is that not enough people are talking enough about the biggest problems in the world enough.

When I hear people say, “I’m tired of hearing people talk about Trump,” I think, “Not talking about politics is how we ended up with Trump.”

I want my tax dollars to be spent paying a group of writers to write a book titled, “Survival Guide to Life.”

Americans have proven they can’t protest without rioting. It’s about time they try something different.

At least once in my life, I’d like to hear a politician say voters should have the ability to veto politicians out of office by popular vote.

If massage therapists have to do continuing education to keep their job, so should Congress.

I’m ready for politicians to declare war on bills.

If it’s important to drug test the janitors on Capitol Hill, it’s important to drug test the people who vote on declarations of war.

The only person in the American military who isn’t required to take drug tests is the commander in chief. #OfAllPeople #RoomForOneMore?

Social issues can’t be solved if the only people talking about them and offering solutions, are the most radical members of each side.

If we need soldiers to be able to get dishonorable discharges, it must be more important for politicians to be subject to the same standard.

Instead of staffing government mostly with lawyers, we should staff it mostly with computer programmers. Couldn’t be any worse.

Poverty will always be epidemic as long as the rich are the only people allowed to make the rules.

America would be better off if every news anchor was a licensed psychologist, instead of a surreal-acting sensationalist.

If we can’t redistribute the rich’s wealth to the poor, let’s at least redistribute the taxes poor people pay to services that help them.

If anything should be illegal, charging interest on interest should be right after murder and rape.

If welfare isn’t working in your country, it doesn’t mean welfare is evil. It means your government’s bureaucracy is broken and needs fixing.

Like how businesses do random drug screenings on employees, governments should do random corruption and war crimes screening on politicians.

Since America is jailing people for doing things that hurt them, it should criminalize fanatical patriotism and making excuses for politicians.

Since America is jailing people for doing things that hurt them, they should make it illegal not to learn something new every day.

America should make a new rule that a president can’t be elected without 50% of the popular vote.

Everyone should be eligible to apply directly for any government position. Why pay for something you’re not allowed to use?

If you can’t vote directly on how 100% of your taxes are spent, then you don’t own your government. It owns you.


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