Tweets by The Wise Sloth #24: Police, Prisons and Drug Laws

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Memorial Day is the perfect day to ask why America has more prisoners than any other country.

Any president who doesn’t talk about the fact that state-sanctioned slavery going on in U.S. prisons, is a complete failure at their job.

A country only cares about its free citizens as much as it cares about its prisoners.

Maybe the U.S.A. shouldn’t have more citizens in prison than any country in the world.

As long as there are for-profit prisons, ticket quotas and a war on drugs, there are no good cops, only accomplices to crime at best.

I knew an inmate who refused to work in the prison sweatshop. When asked why. He said, “If I wanted to be a slave, I wouldn’t have sold drugs”

More Americans have been to jail than have a passport.

At any given time, there are more Americans in jail than on vacation.

If you’re afraid of your police then you probably don’t live in the land of the free.

If you have to worry about the police protecting you from yourself, you’re not free.

Someone who plans to use anything you say against you in a court of law is not there to serve and protect you.

Just once I’d like to hear an American president address the fact that Americans live in constant fear of their own police force.

Tyranny cannot exist unless good people uphold bad laws in the name of duty and patriotism.

I don’t know why people riot, but I have noticed that I un-oppressed people rarely do.

In nobody’s utopia do people fear the police. In everyone’s dystopia the general public fears the police.

The more often and intensely you’re afraid of accidentally or unintentionally breaking the law, the more likely you live in a police state.

The more non-violent protesters cops arrest, the more they make violence inevitable by proving non-violence is not an option.

Most Americans are more intensely and frequently afraid of seeing an American cop or doctor than a foreign terrorist.

Americans don’t suck because there aren’t enough rules, but because there are too many.

Walking in big American cities is dangerous. If the cops don’t get you, the criminals will.

It really illustrates who the government works for when cops arrest people protesting big businesses seizing and building on their land.

The police are doing a pretty good job at protecting me from illegal robbery. They’re doing a terrible job protecting me from legal robbery.

When someone tells you to respect authority, they’re really telling you to embrace subjugation.

Refusing to question rules/orders doesn’t make you morally strong/pure but intellectually weak/lazy.

Every time a cop gives a ticket to meet a quota, they defeat the purpose of police existing.

If you want to feel free then think of police quotas as freedom quotas.

America’s police celebrate America’s freedoms every July 4th by giving tickets to citizens for drinking and using fireworks too liberally.

Soldiers giveth freedom, and police taketh away.

A good guy wouldn’t take all of a poor person’s money because they don’t have a sticker on their car, but any cop would.

The more you believe victimless crimes should be policed by the government, the less you believe in freedom.

Police have unmarked cars so… you can’t spot them coming to serve and protect you?

Fastest way to reduce the number of police shootings: Reduce the number of pointless victimless crimes cops have to engage people over.

Cops are deadly stressed and scared because they never know who’s going to shoot them… as they pull people over to humiliate, harass, attack and exploit with bullshit tickets all day.

Your tax dollars would keep you a lot safer if the government paid for everyone’s groceries instead of putting patrol cars on every street.

Every soldier who ever died, died in vain every time a cop punishes a taxpayer for a victimless crime.

If America is the land of the free, then those must be freedom fines, freedom fees and freedom tickets I keep getting.

America has a drug epidemic because it has a hopelessness epidemic, which is made much worse by drug laws.

Sending people to jail for using drugs is like shooting them in the face to protect them from shooting themselves in the foot.

A good guy wouldn’t destroy someone’s life because they own a plant, but any cop would.

The TSA would help more people if it sold its scanners and bought farmland and paid its staff to farm and give free food to the poor.

The NSA wished Americans a happy Independence Day yesterday on Twitter. No need to tell them what you wished for. They already know.

I wonder how many homes and gardens could have been built with the money America has spent spying on its citizens.


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