Tweets by The Wise Sloth #4: Being Mean vs Being Nice

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Unless your goal is throwing away allies, you’re not winning anything by being mean to strangers.

If you want to turn a bad person good, educating them is far more effective than scaring them.

Don’t expect people you’re not nice to, to be nice to you.

If you value life, then treat it with respect. Boom. Morality explained.

Justifying hurting people is always justifying being one of the bad guys.

Nobody has to be mean to you because you did something wrong. When someone is mean, it’s because they’re mean.

It’s amazing how bad of a person you can be when you convince yourself you’re an ideal person.

If you choose to bail someone out every time they screw up, their problems will always be your problems and yours alone.

If you can’t figure out a better way to respond to anger than with hatred… you’re obviously not trying.

You’d be surprised what people will give you sometimes if you just ask.

If you have a good reason to be mean to someone, it doesn’t mean you’re justified. It means you’re great at justifying being an asshole.

When someone asks for forgiveness for something they’re not really sorry for, they’re really asking for permission.

The more dogmatically you label yourself the good guy and someone else the bad guy, the more capable of evil you become.

You can measure how horrible of a person you are by how small an inconvenience it takes to make you mean.

There are 2 kinds of people: ones who treat others well because they care and ones who treat others bad because they only care about themself.

If you’re the only person in the world you care about, then why should anyone care about you?

Anytime you send food back at a restaurant, assume whatever you get back has spit in it, even if your complaint was valid.

If you only care about yourself, you don’t give other people much reason to care about you. In fact, you give them good reason not to.

An apology is not a substitute for changing bad behavior.

Everyone deserves a second chance, but be aware that almost nobody ever changes.

The better you are at making people happy, the more the world will be your oyster.

Everyone is partly good & bad. You can choose to focus/dwell on either side. Both are right, but beware where both paths lead you.

Having a bad day is not a valid excuse to be hurtful to other people. But any 10-year-old could have told you that.

Everyone loves freedom until you do something they wouldn’t. Then freedom is offensive and frightening.

Everyone has hurt someone. So we may as well either preemptively hate everyone or forgive everyone.

Every time you feel you’ve won an argument, there’s a 50/50 chance you just dogmatically defended your completely wrong self-serving delusion.

Whatever tone of voice you use with someone, they’ll probably use the same one back.

You can only be mean to someone so many times before they act mean back to you. Same goes with being kind.

You’ll almost always be swamped with important, pressing issues. Festering over people who wronged you ages ago is never a priority.

Every time you’re rude to someone you burn a bridge to an ally.

You can measure how horrible you’re capable of being by adding up all the situations where you believe being mean to others is justified.

If more than 2 people have called you an asshole, it’s probably because you are.

There’s a direct correlation between how much a person looks at things from others’ point of view and their tendency to kindness/hurtfulness.

If you have time to bitch about other people, you have time to do anything else that doesn’t waste your time being petty and negative.

No one but you is responsible for you throwing a tantrum.

Making cars wait as you walk across the road all slow and gangsta lets strangers know you’re selfish, petty and insecure, not tough.

Crushing people’s hand when you shake it is a great way to let people know you have to make a dick waving competition out of everything.


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