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(Comic) How The Officer Corps Works

(Comic) How The Officer Corps Works

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An enlisted soldier is carrying a lot of military equipment and wearing a helmet that is
too large is talking to a military officer who is wearing sunglasses and standing under an
umbrella. Behind them is a barbed wire fence.
Hey, how’s it going, buddy?
Oh hell 
No! I am an officer! You will render me a salute and address me as, sir!
Why would I do all that?
Out of respect for how awesome I am.
My parents taught me that respect has to be earned, and I don’t know you. For all I know, you
could be a complete scum bag.
The mere fact that I earned the rank of officer proves how glorious I am.
So what did you do to become an officer?
I partied my way through college on my parent’s savings and then went to a few months of
officer training school.

That’s cool. I worked my way through college and got promoted to manager. I was also senior
class president and went to leadership camp 4 summers in a row. So maybe you should salute me
and call me sir.
Nope. You didn’t go to those few months of officer school. So no matter what you do you’ll
always be a lower form of life than me. Anyway, you’re lacking the experience of being an
What’s your job again?
I sit at a desk and do paperwork all day.
Hmmm. I’m a network administrator. I build computer networks. I also train and manage a group
of 10 workers responsible for millions of dollars of equipment, and we don’t know the meaning
of the word, “excuses.” come to think of it, I remember your name from our trouble tickets. You
have no idea how to use a computer.
I’m paid to lead, not fix technical problems.
What’s your degree in again?
Wouldn’t a degree in psychology or communication or even business serve you better as a leader?
I mean, engineers have like the worst reputation for having bad social skills.

Never question my authority again.
What if you’re wrong about something? Can I question you then?
That would be disrespectful. You can only question me if I let you and only if you do it like
you’re tiptoeing on eggshells.
I was raised in the Bronx, and I don’t have much respect for people with thin skin. What happens
if I don’t salute you or address you like you’re my daddy?
Then I’ll give you progressively worse punishments until you salute me or I send you to jail for
failure to obey a direct order, and when you get out you’ll get a dishonorable discharge that will
prevent you from getting meaningful employment for the rest of your life!
That dishonorable discharge part is pretty rough. That’s kind of like a more politically correct
way of shooting someone in the head.
AND don’t you forget that that’ll always be hanging over your head as long as you wear that
So basically, if I don’t salute you then you’re going to shoot me in the head.

So I’m not really saluting you out of respect at all. I’m saluting you out of fear.
Only if need be.
So that’s the philosophy on leadership you learned at that glorious training school you went to?
You learned you’re better than everyone else, you don’t have to listen to anyone, and if your
subordinates don’t massage your ego then you’re morally obligated to shoot them in the head?
Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that, but point in fact…yes.
You’re not a leader. You’re a dictator.
You just got yourself a dishonorable discharge.
What for?
Failure to conform and disrespecting one of your superiors. You’re undisciplined.
So thinking for you constitutes a lack of discipline?
Obviously. How can you not see that?

Wow. You no longer live in reality. Well, I just have one more question before you destroy my
life for not subjugating me to you.
Ask away. I have a few more minutes before its happy hour at the officer’s club.
What do you think of the phrase, “All men were created equal?”
Sounds like a bunch of liberal hippie bullshit. That’s not what I joined the military to defend.


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(Comic) Occupy LOL Street: The Burden Of Responsibility

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