American Burqa

Why isn’t it a federal law that Muslim women in America have to wear their burqas? Anyone can answer that. Separation of church and state. It’s not the government’s responsibility to enforce religious taboos with fines, jail time, or permanent criminal records. Plus, as far as the issue of enforcing the burqas go, every American knows that being able to wear what you want is such a basic human right that it should go without saying. That’s why Americans were so disgusted that the Taliban government in Afghanistan was forcing women to cover themselves.

But the majority of Americans don’t seem to feel any disgust for their own hypocrisy.  If a woman walks down the street with no shirt on she’ll be arrested, fined and given a criminal record. Why? Is there a functional reason why a woman’s chest is dangerous? No. There’s just a religious taboo again’st women’s chests that’s enforced by law.

So much for basic human rights, freedom or separation of church and state. Ladies, next time you go to the beach take a marker and write this across your bathing suit top in big letters, “AMERICAN BURQA.”

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