Voting Never Has, And Never Will, Save America

Every time I check the news these days I see a dozen articles about how bad the economy in America is getting. If it’s not that it’s about workers losing rights, poison in the food, overflowing jails, crime in the ghettos, the quality of education being undermined by politicians, corruption in the government, civil liberties being infringed on.

Whenever I read forums where people are discussing the things wrong with America, inevitably someone will squawk this golden bit of wisdom, “This is what happens when you don’t vote.”

Allow me to use a chart to illustrate the flaw in this logic.


Picture of a circle with the words inside it, "Years since WWII Americans have voted. Years since WWII America has gotten worse," with the caption, "This is a Venn Diagram.

In America, voting is considered sacred, but all of America’s problems have been caused by poor leadership, and most of our leaders have been elected. The few who weren’t elected were chosen by people who were elected. Our leaders have consistently failed us.

I think Albert Einstein put it best when he said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Insanity is also not being able to see the obvious, or seeing it and refusing to acknowledge it. The reality is that the right to vote doesn’t empower or protect the American people. The way voting in America works it blatantly disenfranchises them.

Here’s how voting works. Two or more people run for an office. The public doesn’t have much time to get to know the candidates. So the only information they’re given about the candidates are the things the candidates want them to know or what their opponent can dig up on them. Since the people can’t judge the candidates by their qualifications, they judge them on their charisma or familiarity. This means the person with the biggest public relations budget is most likely to win. This means the person with the most money is most likely to win. Most candidates don’t have enough money of their own to finance a campaign. So they get donations. The individuals or organizations who donate the most money expect favors in return.

Now, when a candidate is on the campaign trail they will tell the people whatever they want to hear to get their votes. So they’ll avoid making any concrete statements about their position because they know that will alienate someone. They’ll also make the most unrealistic promises because they know everyone wants to hear that, but once they’re in office they have absolutely no accountability to keep any of those promises or to lean in any direction.

Voters can send letters to their elected representatives, but those letters will be opened, read and responded to by a young intern. If you want to actually talk to a politician and give them a typed up policy for them to sign into law you have to lobby them. Lobbying is when you shower a politician with favors and gifts in return for their compliance. Note that you don’t have to vote for a candidate to lobby them. In some countries, this is known as bribery. And who has the time and money to lobby politicians? Wealthy individuals and organizations. How do they get wealthy? By making goods and services as cheaply as possible, paying the workers who produce them as little as possible and charging the customer as much as possible.

What do you think the wealthy ask politicians for? The right to make cheaper products, pay people less, work them more and charge them more. And that’s exactly what’s happened since WWII because that’s how voting is designed to work. It gives regular voters the illusion of control when in reality it empowers those with the most to gain from exploiting and subjugating the masses. All voting accomplishes is keeping that illusion alive.


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