(Comic) How Freedom Works

(Comic) How Freedom Works


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An innocent looking little girl is standing in front of Congress talking to an elephant
and a donkey.
Congratulations!!! You win!!! Hooray!!!
What did I win?
You were born in the greatest country in the world!
And in all of history!!!
Hooray for me! But why is it the best country ever?
It’s the land of the free and the home of the brave!
And it was created by the people, for the people!
Well, I’ll just be getting on with my life and enjoying my freedom now. Bye.
Hold on. You’ll need to read the rulebook first.

Trust me. You do not want to break any of the rules.
A little while later…
I was reading your rulebook, and there were a lot of rules in there that I didn’t agree with…and
not just a little bit. Some of those rules seriously contradict my moral values, and some other
ones are blatantly illogical. Here, let me point out a few of the more glaring examples.
Hold it right there, terrorist! It works like this. You follow the rules we give you. If you don’t
then we lock you in prison for a long time, and after we let you out we tell everyone not to hire
you because you’re a bad person.
Just don’t treat your pets the way you were treated in prison or you’ll go to prison.
I appreciate that you have a job to do, and it’s not easy keeping a nation in the balance between
order and anarchy, but I simply can’t honor any external laws that violate my core principles,
especially when you just said that this country was built by the people, for the people. If the
highest authority in the land is the people then I’m putting my foot down on this.
I don’t think you understand, we pay an army of well-armed, unquestioning mercenaries and
ideologues that can and will make you follow any rule we hand down to them.
Where do you get the money for that?
About that…here’s the bill.

What?! You want me to pay other people to force me to follow rules I don’t agree with and that
they might not even agree with?
We’re not asking anyone.
We’re telling you.
I’m not going to finance my own oppression. I won’t pay.
Then you’re going to prison.
The rule book is very clear about this. It’s against the law not to pay us whatever we tell you that
you have to pay us.
That’s the very definition of extortion! That’s stealing!
That’s not stealing. We build roads with that money too. You like roads don’t you?
I’m old enough to know what a straw man argument is. The fact that I give you some of my
money to do the job I hired you to do doesn’t give you the right to claim more of my money to
finance terrorizing me.
Actually, we decide what we have the right to do.

That’s how being in power works.
This system sucks. What do I have to do to change it?
Luckily we have the best system in the entire world to make sure you get what you want! Vote
for me. I’ll fix everything.
He said that before and he only made it worse. Vote for me and I’ll fix everything.
No! He said that before and he only made it worse. Vote for me and I’ll fix everything.
No! Vote for me and I’ll fix everything. Ha ha ha ha
That’s it. I’m immigrating to another country.
In theory, you have that right, but seriously, we’ll see you next April.
We made it as hard as possible for the poor to leave any country.


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