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Problems The Corona virus Should Force Us To Acknowledge

America has a slew of economic, political, and social problems that hurt people every day and hold back the progress of humanity in the long run. When the stock market is doing well and all the grocery store shelves are stocked, it’s easy for most people to accept them as normal and either completely ignore them or make lazy excuses for their existence. The corona virus has put enough stress on the system to show us these problems aren’t normal or excusable. They’re the weak links that threaten to collapse society if left unchecked.

The housing market is a crime against humanity.

The mortgage system in America is designed so that, if you can’t afford to pay the whole cost upfront, then taxes, interest, and fees will double the price you have to pay over thirty years. Buying property doesn’t have to be this way. The only reason this happens is because that’s how the banks designed it.

As long as middle class workers who managed to save tens of thousands of dollars could afford a downpayment, it was easy to ignore how the system prevents poorer people from being able to afford to own their own homes. As long as everyone took the system for granted, it was easy to justify giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to the government and banks over the course of your life in exchange for nothing.

Now that 30% of the work force and landlords who live off of collecting rent don’t have a guaranteed stable income, the risk, cost, and injustice of perpetual debt has become harder to ignore. Under the current system, America already has more empty homes than homeless people. If our housing market doesn’t change, millions of middle class Americans could be thrown out onto the streets as well. So far, the amount of human suffering and wasted savings caused by overcharging property owners hasn’t gotten high enough to elicit reform. I almost hope we have to bite the bullet and reach that tipping point so nobody has to ever be exploited by their mortgage lender again.

Landlords are parasites.

Most landlords don’t have enough money to buy multiple properties. They just have good credit scores and enough savings to cover the down payment. For those two reasons, they have the ability to borrow money from banks, take out a mortgage on a property, and have renters pay off the overpriced loan. In exchange for a lifetime of hard work, renters gets a temporary place to stay, and the landlord gets an almost free house that they can cash out whenever they need a few extra hundred thousand dollars. The landlord doesn’t get that house/money because they worked harder. They got it because their renter worked for them.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. If charging rent were illegal, then banks would have to price and sell properties in a way that works for poor people. The system only favors landlords because, if you’re collecting income from dozens or hundreds of poor people, then you have the power to write the rules. If you can only afford to take out loans on a few properties and get poor people to pay off your debts, why would you ever raise a fuss? You’d find a way to justify your actions too. If you’re too poor to afford a down payment, then nobody cares what you think, and it’s easy to blame you for not being able to save any money… even though you’re already paying a third of your income on someone else’s mortgage when, in a just world, that money would be working towards giving you ownership of the house you’re paying off.

Since rent collecting has been unfair as long as we’ve been alive, we assume this is just “how it works.” Now that so many people are unable to pay rent, and landlords are still demanding poor people to pay their bills, we’re finally forced to ask ourselves, what purpose do landlords serve other than to exploit tenants? And do we really need landlords?

Healthcare and health insurance costs are price gouging.

Healthcare costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in America, and it’s easy to see why. There are countless stories of people being charged outrages fees for basic medical care. It’s blatantly obvious that hospitals are price gouging their customers. Probably the only reason we’ve put up with it for so long is because the medical insurance industry has been feeding us propaganda justifying the problem and blaming the victims.

Health insurance companies say any attempt at health care reform is communism that will bankrupt the country and lead to families killing each other in the streets. That was an easy lie to sell when the main victims were poor people. But when a third of all Americans get bankrupted in one year and lose their grandmother because she can’t afford to pay extortion prices, we might take a serious look at reigning in hospitals’ and insurance companies’ freedom to exploit their customers.

Employers should have nothing to do with their employees’ healthcare.

In America, most people get their health insurance through their employer. This is a win/lose situation for employers. On one hand, many employees stay at jobs they hate, working for people they hate, and enduring working conditions they hate, because they’re afraid to lose their health insurance. On the other hand, employers have to pay a lot of money to give their employees a perk that has nothing to do with them.

For employees, this system is a lose/lose situation. They’re at the mercy of the healthcare offered by their employer, and they have to worry about losing their mediocre employee-sponsored insurance if they try to improve their life by quitting.

Nobody likes this system, and I have no idea why it works this way in America. This is just another shitty system we all accept because, “that’s just the way it’s done.”

Now that one third of the population is out of work and both the workers and employers aren’t getting anything out of the deal, it’s making everyone wonder why the hell we’re all forced into accepting a deal that’s detrimental to everyone.

Workers should get a higher percentage of their company’s profits.

There’s an age-old question, “If a worker adds X-amount of profit to a company, how much of that money should they get to keep?” According to the law of supply and demand, the answer is, “As little as the law and market will allow.” And that’s how we calculate the minimum wage. As a result of this formula and the other factor previously mentioned in this post, the rich are always getting richer, and the poor are always getting poorer.

Since the corona virus has laid off millions of workers, companies that make billions of dollars of profit each year are asking the government and the general public to give them bailout money … even though the owners and investors have hoarded enough money to cover those temporary loses themselves.

So billionaires are asking people poorer than them to give them free money so they don’t lose their existing money that they don’t have time enough in their life to spend anyway. At the same time, the workers who earned all that money are getting laid off but are still expected to pay extortion prices to their landlords and hospitals.

This raises an interesting and important point. If the people who earned all that money for their company were getting paid a higher percentage of their company’s profits, then they wouldn’t be destitute during an economic crisis. But we are paying workers the lowest amount possible in order to maximize wealth-hoarding by the richest people on the planet. Now we’re finding out that this system is unsustainable. We’ve been told our entire lives that the welfare of the many outweigh the welfare of the few. Now that the welfare of the many is in dire risk, why are we still sacrificing the welfare of the many for the benefit of the few?

I’m not saying we need to institute total communism. Just pay workers a slightly higher percentage of their company’s profits than the bare minimum. If that’s a radical idea, then we live in a dystopia and Jesus is crying. Also, the poor are going to die en masse at the slightest economic downturn.

Poor people dying en masse isn’t good for the poor because… they’re suffering and dying. It’s also not good for the rich because after a certain amount of poor people die, then the rich will have to pay higher wages anyway because demand for labor will outweigh the supply. This already happened after the Bubonic plague. So the outcome is inevitable. The only question is, do we wait for people to die to give the survivors higher wages, or do we do the right thing without being forced to by inhumane market forces?

We should not have a two-party political system that gives lip service to the dumbest people in society while serving the richest.

America’s Democratic political party says it wants to help everybody, but when a politician like Bernie Sanders shows up who has a plan to help everybody, they rig the election process and have him pushed out. The Republican party says they worship Jesus, but they consistently support policies that allow big businesses to exploit workers. This accusation will offend people who only listen to political talking points, but it’s obvious to people who follow the money trail. Rich people make the biggest campaign contributions to political campaigns and spend the most money lobbying (aka legally bribing) politicians from both parties.

Money controls politics, and propaganda controls voters. This isn’t radical or new. Everyone knows it, but nobody is angry about it enough to get behind any kind of revolution. Politicians sure aren’t rallying against the status quo because they’re all on the payroll of their rich campaign donors and lobbyists.

I don’t want a violent revolution, and I don’t see one happening, but if there was ever a time for a non-violent one to happen, this is it. The American government’s response to the corona virus has been ham-stringed since the beginning by partisan bickering, blaming, and leveraging. During economic boom times, we might write off partisan bullshit as regrettable drama, but during a pandemic, it’s a matter of life and death for tax payers and voters.

Before the corona virus, America’s two-party system was hurting Americans by holding up progress due to ideological infighting, but we’ve had blood to spare. Now that America is facing a global pandemic, the roadblock to progress caused by our two-party system is an existential threat. If there was ever a time to move beyond our fake two-party system that divides the nation based on lip-service in order to best serve investors, the time is now.

Political personality cults aren’t helping.

The more you praise and defend a politician, the more you should research the concept of the “cult of personality.” Everyone who got swept up with Obamamania and Trumpmania is equally guilty.

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize even though the American military killed thousands of civilians fighting illegal wars during his presidency. That’s not logical, and many Americans still yearn for the “good old days” of the Obama presidency even though he allowed the National Guard to shut down the Occupy Wall Street protests that sought to get money out of politics and fix all the problems that lead up to their politicians not being able to handle the corona virus.

Since Donald Trump got elected in 2016 by the electoral collage despite losing the popular vote, conservative Republicans have spent the past 3.5 years reverse engineering mind bending excuses to justify all of his immoral, corrupt, and insane actions because they are just as enamored with his cult of personality as liberal Democrats were with Obama.

Since the corona virus started, I’ve watched Trump downplay the risk, call it a politically motivated hoax, blame China, and threaten to withhold aid from states because their governors criticized him. Every time Trump has done those fucked up things, I’ve seen his supporters spin his fuckups as victories and paint him as a hero. As surely as liberal Democrats justifying Obama’s fuckups have made the world a worse place, conservative Republicans have also made the world less safe by blindly defending their cult leader.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, Republican, Chinese, Russian, Assyrian, Roman, Babylonian, or Mesopotamian… mindlessly defending politicians has never helped humanity. How many times must we repeat our mistakes before we stop? If ever there was a time to stop worshiping charismatic, rich, idiotic politicians, a global pandemic is it.

There are more important problems in the world than identity politics.

For the past three years, every time I logged onto social media, I’ve been slapped in the face with articles about how white cis gender males are evil, and everyone needs to address people with a pronoun that fits their niche gender identity… and if you don’t, then you’re a Nazi.

I was pro-transgender acceptance before it was cool. I’m fine with equal wages and chicks with dicks. But the social justice warrior movement isn’t about equality. It’s about using semantics and flawed arguments to find scapegoats to destroy so that spoiled suburbanite kids can feel empowered and purposeful in their meaningless social media-driven lives.

The feminazi social justice warrior movement was always destined to fail because it was never really a movement. It was just a virtue-signaling temper tantrum looking for an enemy in utopia. Now that people are dying in the streets, I’ve barely heard a peep from the cis-gender white male-hating crowd because we have a real problem knocking at everyone’s door, and we need cis-gender white male doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, and garbage men to hold society together while everything else falls apart.

Bill Burr was right when he said, “There are no feminists in a house fire.”

It’s easy to hate the people you rely on when everything is fine. Just like how you always see a lull in man-hating feminist rhetoric around Valentine’s Day when women are expecting free gifts, you’re seeing a big lull in that shit talking while America is in a metaphorical house fire.

After the fire is over, let’s not go back to blaming cis-gender white male wage slaves for oppressing upper-middle class suburbanites whose biggest problem in life is finding a good hair dresser. Let’s focus on fixing the economic policies that oppress every gender and color of people who spend their lives working their asses off supporting the opulent lifestyles of their multi-gendered, multi-racial employers, landlords, and bankers.

Science and action work better than prayers.

Every time there’s a major travesty in America, the government responds by calling on people to send out their “thoughts and prayers.” Despite America’s official stance on the separation of church and state, it’s had an official national day of prayer in May since 1775. Though, after the corona virus hit, president Trump declared an additional national day of prayer on March 15, 2020.

The result of Trump’s redundant day of prayer had the exact same effect as every other “thought and prayer” that has ever been tested: Nothing. The effectiveness of prayer is the most tested theory in all of human history, and every single time it has ever been tested it has resulted in (at best) the same success rate as blind chance.

In reality, thoughts and prayers don’t change anything. The only thing that consistently effects reality is action. You’d think America would have given up on “thoughts and prayers” after it failed to stop the 100th mass shooting, but people kept holding onto the hope that the next time it would work. Hopefully, after it failed to stop the corona virus, Americans will stop putting their faith in wishful thinking and dedicate their minds and bodies to taking solid action.

More food should be grown locally.

For centuries, American agriculture companies have lobbied American politicians to topple governments in other countries in order to allow them to buy foreign soil and employ foreign wage slaves to grow crops that can be sold cheaply to American consumers. This isn’t radical anti-capitalist propaganda. It’s so common, there’s even a term for it.

Americans have turned a blind eye to these human rights abuses and crimes against humanity because acknowledging the truth would require admitting compliance and paying higher prices for fruit.

Selling your soul to the devil is easy when you only have to pay fifty cents for an avocado, but when supply lines are disrupted, you don’t get any avocados.

There’s enough space and greenhouse technology to grow anything anywhere. It just costs a little more in infrastructure to grow avocados north of the equator. Doing that wasn’t possible when profits were the most important imperative of the global economy, but the corona virus has (hopefully) taught us that survival of the species is more important than profits. So if we hope to provide all of society with the necessary dietary requirements, we should spend more money on the agriculture infrastructure necessary to grow exotic foods close to home instead of exploiting vulnerable foreign countries and exporting their resources to grocery stores in your local suburb.

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Wise Sloth Video List: Saving The World

This list comes from my essays on saving the world.

































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How You Can Help The Wise Sloth Enlightentainment Revolution

I’ve received a number of E-mails from readers saying, “I love your writing, and I agree with your assessment of modern life. You do a good job of articulating how the system is designed to screw the poor and destroy the planet. The stuff you say about religion and philosophy are lucid and inspiring. Plus, I think it’s awesome how you want to start a secular monastery where intellectuals can escape the rat race to devote their lives to producing important work. What can I do to help?”

I’m not lazy or presumptuous enough to ask strangers to do my work for me, but since people keep asking, and I really could use the help, I made a list of tasks I need assistance with.

If you’d like to talk in more detail about how you can help me help others, then please E-mail me using the form on my Contact Page. Thank you.

1: Find me an eccentric multi-millionaire philanthropist/collector

My life plan is to write until I earn enough money selling books to afford to build a self-sustainable, profitable, equitable monastery and publishing house that focuses on producing useful, enlightening works. I plan on giving away the blueprints and business plans so anyone can set up their own sustainable community tailored to their definition of utopia. It will take me either ten years or one millionaire to reach this goal. If you know anyone who is rich enough to spend $7 million on a painting to brighten their foyer, convince them to give me $1 million for the joy of watching me try to save the world. I will be a better conversation piece than any painting, and I’ll give the donor and the referer a piece of my own original art, plus one of my personal ideation notebooks, which will be collectors’ items one day if I get famous enough. The sooner I have the money to start building, the sooner the value of those items will start appreciating.

2: Tell people about my work

If you feel my work is worth reading, it’s worth sharing. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. So please tell all your friends to check out The Wise Sloth, but if you only tell one person, make it the most powerful, influential person you know. Tell them if they like my work, to share it with the most powerful, influential person they know. They may not give me $1 million, but we’ll be inspiring the people with the most power to change the world.

3: Share my posts on social media

If you believe my posts articulate important ideas worth spreading, then share your favorite ones on social media. I have almost 600, so if you want to go the extra mile, you could post one of my blogs a week until you get bored. Facebook and Twitter are good places to share, but Reddit is best. It has the largest, broadest audience, and links generate clicks even after getting buried by new content. Often times, links in the comment section of a popular post will get more clicks than links posted as stand-alone submissions.

I’m not asking for a spam brigade. Flooding Reddit with my links will do more damage to my brand than good. Posting one link every week or month in a relevant forum will get our message out and keep it in the public consciousness.

4: Tell media personalities and outlets about my work

There are millions of bloggers, vloggers, hosts, columnists, djs, and human interest writers looking for compelling people and controversial topics to talk about. If you know someone who works for a media company that writes/talks about the same topics as me, please speak to them or send an E-mail to the company encouraging them to cover my work. This will help get my messages out and improve my search engine ranking when high-quality media sites link to my blog. Below is a sample of my posts with high social interest value.

Note: I have a scratchy, cracky voice from a lifetime of hard living. So I’m not interested in doing live interviews, but I’ll do what I can for anyone who asks.

5: Start your own blog and link it to mine. 

If you think similarly to me, and you believe articulating our ideas and observations will help society, then you should think about starting your own enlightentainment blog. If you already have a blog that doesn’t focus on exploring the most important problems in life, you should think about upgrading your content.

If your work is relevant enough to mine, I’ll cross-post/link your work in return. Even without linking to each other’s sites, two blogs are more influential than one.

6: Edit my blogs.

I’ve been writing blogs at a racing pace for nine years. Most of that time was during a dark, alcoholic period of my life. My work has improved consistently, but there are still grammatical errors and poorly worded sentences scattered around. Every few years, I’ll go through all my essays and touch them up, but they need to be edited by a new set of eyes, and I don’t have the money to pay for it. So if you’re a good writer in need of practice, and you’re not interested in creating your own blog, I’ll accept your help and give you attribution if you want it. You don’t have to edit every page. Every little bit helps. Even if you just see a typo on one of my posts, leave a comment letting me know.

7: Create infographics based on my blogs.

I write a lot of lists that summarize big ideas in short bursts, but they’re still essays that take five minutes to read, which is an eternity on the internet. My lists could be easily condensed and splashed across a jpg with pictures and designs. These would be much easier to read and share. If you give me attribution, you can make infographics of my lists. I keep my rights to my work, and you take complete ownership of your rendition. If you send me a link to your work, I’ll post it on my site and share it on social media. Below is a sample of my lists. You can easily spot more on my table of contents.

8: Record my blogs in audio format.

I am eager to work with a voice actor or vlogger to make audio and/or video recordings of my blogs. If you let me use your recordings on my website, and you give me attribution, you can post the content on your website or Youtube channel and keep whatever ad revenue or value it brings to your site. You don’t have to pay me any royalties. You could make an entire podcast of nothing but you reading my blogs and sell it wherever/however you sell podcasts and keep all the money. You own the rights to your rendition, and I retain the rights to the original work.

If you record every blog from one of the chapters in my table of contents, we can publish/sell an audiobook through Amazon ACX, which will automatically split the profits between us.

9: Write your own fiction using my prompts and templates.

If you’re an aspiring fiction writer who wants to pen edifying stories, but you don’t know what or how to write, you can use my free story prompts and formula plot templates to get started. This doesn’t help me directly, but you’ll be educating society, which will make my life easier in the long run.

Free Story Prompts
Screenwriting for Movies
Screenwriting for TV
Short Story Templates

10: Make and share Wise Sloth Twitter fortune cookie E-card memes. 

I’m in the process of taking all my best Tweets and putting them on jpg images that can be shared on Twitter, Pinterest, and other image sharing social media sites. I’ve already finished converting two sets of Tweets, “Happiness and Sadness,” and “Fulfillment, Purpose, and Meaning” and posted them on Flickr. You can share those now, but I have a few hundred more that need to be copied/pasted into the jpg template below. If you want to do that for me, I’ll draw you a picture.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but you’re only partly doing it for me. You’re also doing it for anyone the cards teach wisdom to, plus everyone who will get to use the parable formula plot templates I’ll have time to finish making if I’m not distracted by this mechanical task.

If/when you finish making these, just post them on a photo sharing site like Pinterest, and I’ll cross-post them to my social media sites. Then we can share them and encourage others to do the same.

Tweets by @the_wise_sloth

11: Transcribe my comics into screenplay format

You can find a list of all my comics by following the link below. Some of the pages already have transcripts, but they’re not in screenplay format. I need all of my comics transcribed into properly formatted screenplays. This can be done relatively easily using a screenwriting program like Celtx. If someone could do this for me, it would help the cause tremendously and may set someone else up for success when they film your scripts.

12: Produce plays, movies, or internet skits based on my comics.

Once I have screenplays of all my comics, I’m going to post them for public consumption on They’re not free domain, but if you’d like to make theatrical plays, movies, or Youtube skits, I will most likely let you use them for free. If you want to do a one-off show at a community theater or open mic night, you don’t even need to ask permission. Until then, imagine these comics performed on the stage or screen:

Comics fit for the stage or Youtube skits:
Comics fit for sitcoms or movies:

13: Illustrate my stories and re-illustrate my comics.

My comics are made using stock photo cutouts. They’re good enough to get the idea across, but the art is noticeably monotonous. I would like to work with an artist to re-illustrate the comics above and the stories listed below. If you give me attribution and I keep my original rights, you can keep the rights to your revision and sell it however and wherever you want. I’ll post your work on my site and/or put up links to your store and site.

14: Translate my works into other languages.

If you transcribe my blogs into a language other than English, and give me attribution, I will give you the rights to self-publish your version and keep all the profits. You can translate the chapters from my table of contents into books or pick and choose blogs to make your own compilation. If you have a working relationship with a foreign publisher and would like to publish through them, they can offer me a contract.

15: Create and sell or give away Wise Sloth merchandise

I’ve caught several people stealing my logo and selling Wise Sloth coffee mugs and buttons on sites like Cafepress and Zazzle, but I never reported them or contacted the sellers. The way I see it, I’m helping them make money at no cost to me, and they’re spreading my brand at no cost to them. The more that happens, the more it helps everyone. If you want to sell bumper stickers, T-shirts, magnets, or any other widget with my logo on it, you have my permission as long as you don’t try to claim copyright ownership/authorship of the image or brand name.

If you have more time and disposable income than you know what to do with, it would be a huge favor to me if you print a bunch of Wise Sloth stickers, magnets, buttons, cards, and clothing, and then give it all away for free however you want.

16: Create Wise Sloth inspired products

You have my blessing to create your own original artwork modifying my logo, quoting my words, or spinning off my comics, royalty-free. Make your own quirky coffee mugs and posters with a sloth and a quote or list from my site. If you create anything inspired by The Wise Sloth, let me know so I can put up a link to your product.

17: Create some new logos for me to use and give away.

It would be very useful to me if I had some more Wise Sloth logo images, banners, and promotional illustrations. I don’t have any specifics in mind, just whatever your heart tells you to make. If you’ll give me some images for free, I will give you attribution and create a page where anyone can download/copy them and use however they like. So we can all share in the benefits of your work and spread the love.

18: Make a fan fiction generator program.

I’m currently working on several formula plot templates that a skilled programmer could easily turn into story writing software. I would like to do this and give my first couple of versions away for free. If you would like to work with me on this project, you can start by taking my break down of the plot to Avatar and create a program that lets users create their own Avatar fan fiction story by changing the names of all the characters, locations, and resources. My break down has all the variables already listed and identified in the story. So all you need to do is put the text in a program and put in find/replace functions. Then we can tinker with the wording and presentation. Copyright laws prevent us from being able to make any money from this program. We can only give it away for free, and the top of the first screen needs to include the text, “For satirical and educational purposes only.”

If you’re a super skilled, Adderall fueled programmer who likes to push the limits and doesn’t need a lot of supervision, you can make a program that replaces the variables of 14 iconic movies at once using my master spreadsheet of movies I’ve deconstructed. We can’t sell this program either, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

19: Build my perpetual motion machine designs.

Back in high school, I came up with a few designs for perpetual motion machines. They shouldn’t work, but maybe you could make them work. If nothing else, they may be fun to build. I’ll draw you a picture if you build one just so I can see my idea brought to life. The designs are free domain. So you can sell models as novelty decorations if you want. If you do, send me a link to your store, because I’ll buy one of each.

What Should Rich People Do About Trump?

If Donald Trump fulfills his campaign promise to deregulate business, he’ll make a lot of rich people richer. Warren Buffett believes Trump will, which is why “the oracle of Omaha” said he’s 100% optimistic about the next four years. I doubt Buffett will ever see that the cost/benefit analysis of economic oppression and growth don’t add up, but there are others sitting in ivory towers watching America turn into a burning sweatshop. Some of them will have to wake up and realize it doesn’t matter if you die rich if the world dies too.


Cartoon of a man eating another man. The cannibal is labeled "Wall St.," and he's saying, "Who says I need regulation?"


Poor people understand this, but it doesn’t matter what they think, because in a capitalist economy, money is power, and poverty is powerlessness. The rich have all the power, because they took it from the poor using high prices, low wages, fines, fees and interest. Now the poor have one foot chained to their landlord’s house and the other chained to their job. It’s financially impossible for them to protest long enough to matter, but they need to, now more than ever, because America just chose the least sane member of the 1% to protect Americans from the 1%.


Cartoon of a poor person saying, "I'll do anything for you to make a little money," and a rich person saying, "I'll do anything to you to make a lot of money."


The rich are the only people with the power save the human race from the rich, and I wouldn’t expect the owners or heirs of Amway or Blackwater to undermine their own business model, but there are other types of rich people who got their money in more humane ways. Some of them would rather invest their fortunes in the future than let it sit in their bank accounts where it serves no purpose other than being a measurement of the owner’s ego and ability to take money from the poor.

Rich philanthropists have been donating to Republican and Democrat campaigns for decades, which has worked great for those expecting a return on their investment. Anyone who wants change should stop giving money and support to the RNC and DNC, because that’s putting gas in the car that drove Godzilla into town.  They’re not the solution. They’re the problem.

Listed below are some ways rich philanthropists can spend between one and ten million dollars to make a meaningful difference during the Trumpocalypse:


1: Fund a think tank

If politics and economics isn’t your area of expertise, then the best thing you can do before you give money to anyone, is fund a think tank. Recruit a team of researchers and geniuses and tell them to write a book for you titled, “What’s Wrong With The World, And How To Fix It For Under $10 Million.”

If you have any money left, you can enact the plan. If not, you can pitch it to rich people. Hopefully, you can inspire more of them to use their fortune for good than “The Gospel of Wealth” did.


2: Fund a constitutional convention

You could spend a few million hiring your own crack team of geniuses, or you could pool your resources with some friends and spend a few million more to literally hire all the smartest people on Earth, put them in an apartment complex, and tell them to stay there until they’ve created a new social contract or some kind of roadmap to fulfilling humanity’s potential. They could either publish their conclusion as a suggestion, or you could raise donation money for the team to use to enact the plan they come up with.


3: Fund a social media platform that organizes grassroots political parties

America’s problems are complicated, but one thing is certain, as long as the RNC and DNC monopolize all the political representation in America, nothing will change. They’re corrupt. Their election system is corrupt, and they don’t represent Americans. None of the third-party political groups are a good fit for most Americans either.

America can’t be divided into Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Parties and Green Parties. That’s not what America is. It’s made of hipsters, gangsters, educators, scientists, Millennials, Baby Boomers, African-Americans, Latinos, white males, Christians, Atheists, Muslims, parents, tradesmen, entertainers, the homeless, entry-level workers, women, INTPs, ENFJs, the mentally ill and experts in fields. These are the kinds of groups people identify with in their daily lives. If people are to be truly represented in politics, they need spokesmen from their groups.

To organize and find their spokesmen, they need a social media network designed to match people according to interest and attributes, like a dating site, except with project management tools.


4: Fund free online education

The silver bullet to all the world’s problems is education. If everyone had access to the ultimate free online school, then anyone with an internet connection could become a genius at anything. Then everyone could solve all their own problems, and nobody would be powerless. The more educated people there are, the more impossible it becomes to control the masses with circus acts like the 2016 election.

Free online schools exist, but none of them offer courses in every subject, and they’re so expensively run, it would cost a nation’s fortune to create all the classes. The solution is to crowdsource the job like Youtube and Wikipedia have done. The world could create its own perfect school within 10 years if someone made a website that has a list of every subject and guidelines for submitting content, and allowed users to fill in the blanks. The school could be completed in 4 years if you spent a billion dollars to hire retired school teachers to work full-time uploading content. If Bill Gates and Warren Buffet really wanted to, they could end ignorance in one year. If you know them, you should have a talk with them about their priorities, or at least pick up their slack.


5: Build floating cities

Since Trump was elected, panicky Americans crashed the Canadian immigration website. Sales for my book, “Tips on Immigrating to New Zealand” have tripled, and a lot of people are finding out it’s nearly impossible to permanently leave the country you were born in.

Americans would vote with their feet if an unsettled land mass existed to escape to. Unfortunately, the only place left to go is the ocean, but you play the hand you were dealt, not the one you wish you had. Our exodus to sea is long overdue. The technology exists to build floating islands for less money than it costs to buy an acre of land in Honolulu. Build a concrete drum the size of a cruise ship and stock it with beds, gardens, and jobs. Then let settlers move in and enjoy not being in America.

As a bonus, the artificial reefs created by the hulls of the floating villages will revitalize fish populations, and they would be the perfect vessels to collect garbage from the ocean. The more people who live at sea, the fewer people live in the economies that are churning the world’s resources into the garbage being dumped into the ocean.

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6: Build sustainable mods for suburbia

Humanity won’t survive unless the suburbs are replaced with a better city model, but that will take centuries to accomplish. In the meantime, the poor are still living in pain, fear and debt slavery. This can be eased by modifying suburbia to be more sustainable.

Elon Musk is already doing this with cheap solar roofs. If someone else could invest their fortune into inventing and selling next-generation technology home water collection/filtration units and greenhouses, then everyone could produce their own food, water, and electricity without government assistance.

If we continue building houses, stores and offices using the same designs and materials, property owners will continue being bankrupted by home repairs, and humanity will go extinct from using all its resources to build cheap junk that falls apart and needs to be replaced.

Someone needs to invent a new wall that’s cheaper, stronger, more durable and easier to construct than what we use now. If the perfect wall already exists, then a billionaire real estate tycoon who is obsessed with walls needs to devote their fortune to popularizing it. Simply building a better wall would solve a staggering amount of the world’s problems. Trump would eliminate more illegal immigrants by giving Mexicans a new kind of wall they could use to convert their shanty towns into Hobbitons, than by building a 30-foot-tall concrete scar along the border.


7: Build low-cost sustainable cities

If everyone was guaranteed the necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter, and utilities, then being broke would be a minor inconvenience and not a life-threatening emergency. Living without savings would be tolerable, and people would have the freedom to be politically active.

Once people have everything necessary to survive, then 99% of their problems are already solved. The only thing left to do is happily fulfill their potential. If everyone had their needs filled by a non-government agency, then they wouldn’t need a president to save them.

Build an intentional community that has a job for every bed and creates/supplies all its working members’ needs in exchange for 20 hours of work per week. Have members who join sign a social contract that’s less oppressive and cultish than the average fast food employment contract, and then let the members work, live, love and learn in leisure.

Design the city to be as space-efficient as possible, and build the infrastructure using earthbags and other low-cost technology. After you’ve saved 250 people from capitalism and started making a profit, expand the community, make new ones, and help other countries copy your success. Once the idea catches on, everyone will be voting with their dollars on new homes instead of new politicians.

After everyone is living sustainably, then recessions, depressions, stock market crashes and all the other economic disaster will become obsolete, and the race for profits won’t drive humanity to extinction by turning the world’s resources into consumer garbage.

If you’re having a hard time imagining what I’m talking about, read these:

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8: Vote for The Wise Sloth for president.

Donating money to political parties is more useless than flushing it down the toilet. You’re throwing fuel on the fire. It’d do more good to just give it all away to panhandlers. You shouldn’t do that either though, because it would only temporarily ease one symptom of a systemic disease.

If you’re so desperate for change that every four years, you donate a lot of money to a random maniac you’ve never met and/or heard of, then give it to me.

I don’t have any political experience, but neither does Donald Trump. He has more business experience than me, but I have seven years of military service, which should be required to apply for the job of commander and chief anyway. I’ve already written a series of essays on the systemic flaws within the military system that negatively impact the troops, which civilian politicians never bring up, because they couldn’t know those problems exist.

If you like candidates who advertise themselves as “regular Joe’s,” who are in touch with the working class, then vote with your dollars for me, not another Ivy League simpleton who seems folksy because he has the IQ of Forrest Gump. I’m no Goodwill Hunting, but I’m closer than Donald Trump in intelligence and street cred. I’ve written instructions on how to think, and I’ve lived in ghettos, trailers, tents, suburbs, cities, and farms. I’ve worked the dirtiest, hardest, nastiest jobs alongside illegal immigrants and felons, not as a social experiment, but to make enough money to eat that night. I got on-the-job training in poverty before I learned about it in college. I’m well qualified to represent the poor and understand their problems. Plus, I have a reputation for articulating important ideas using words correctly.

You may not agree with all of my philosophies on ethics or religion, but if you read everything I’ve written on those subjects, you should get the impression I sincerely care about people. I don’t give hate speeches. I advocate equality. Trump’s first book was about how to take money from other people, and mine was about how to achieve the meaning of life by finding and fulfilling your potential. If you had to put your life in the hands of me or Trump based solely on the books we’ve written, I’m clearly the lesser of two evils.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump raised close to $1 billion in campaign contribution each. Obama’s plan was “hope and change.” Clinton’s was to have a vagina and not be Donald Trump, whose 100-day plan reads like a Nazi capitalist conspiracy theorist manifesto. I have a better, more fleshed out plan than any of them came to the table with.

If you’d vote for Godzilla just to wreck shop so we can rebuild, then give me your money. I won’t hunt, kill or destroy anything. I’ll jump straight to the rebuilding. My plan is to not use your campaign donations to buy a landfill of posters and pens, but to invest it in building profitable, expandable, sustainable intentional communities.

If I ran for president of the United States, I’d either get assassinated by an investment firm or stonewalled by Congress. I can succeed as the president of the world’s first viral, sustainable intentional community though. You won’t have to wait four years to see if I keep my word and then wait for another ten to see if it had any longitudinal effects on the world. Give me a million dollars, and I’ll start blowing your mind and raising people’s quality of life in three months.



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Society Won’t Improve Until You Do

"I told about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It's that way with people too, he said, only with people it's sometimes that the whole is less than the sum of the parts." Wendelin Van Draanen

If a society is nothing more than a large group of individuals, then the key to creating a Utopian society is to create a large group of Utopian individuals…

but if you can’t help an individual improve him/herself who doesn’t want to improve him/herself, then there’s no chance of helping a society of people who don’t want to improve themselves….

and if a person who does want to improve himself will do so with or without outside help, then a society of people who want to improve themselves will do so with or without outside help…

then if you don’t live in a Utopian society already, there’s a strong possibility it’s because the majority of people in your society don’t want to improve themselves. In which case, there’s little hope of your generation living to see Utopia…

and any chance your society has of improving its wants will be minimized as long as the majority of people in your society spend 3-6 hours per day watching and listening to commercials designed to make them crave fulfillment of the pettiest, self-serving, immediate desires humanity is capable of.

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3 Reasons We’re Not Trying To Make The World A Better Place

Our species has spent the majority of its existence and its evolution as ignorant beasts ruled by our instincts. Even today it’s still possible to get all the way through life using about as much logic as a bird uses to successfully navigate a complicated flight path. You can easily let your instincts guide you through all of your life decisions.

It would be a mistake to assume only the most misguided, weak, cowardly members of society give up and surrender themselves to their instincts. We’re all born set on autopilot, and our instincts don’t turn off after they’ve led us to our mother’s milk. By default, we stay on autopilot our entire lives. Logic is a relatively unnatural ability that has to be consciously and deliberately chosen and refined over time in order to override our instincts.

Everyone assumes they’re the exception to the rule, and they’ve taken control of their lives, but if everyone was as independent-minded as they believe they are, we would live in a peaceful, equitable, and logical world. The world is the way it is because we’re still a society of animals who consciously use the logical part of our brains as little as possible.


Painting of a group of primitive cave men sitting around their camp working at various tasks like skinning a deer and grinding plants


Consider our nature.

All of our emotions are animal instincts: joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, anticipation… even love… especially love. Parents tend to automatically love their children for obvious evolutionary reasons. Men are attracted to beautiful women because they appear to be healthy mates. Females are attracted wealthy and strong males because they appear to be good providers and strong mates. Guys want to sleep with as many girls as possible to spread their genes. They’ll even rape women despite all logic. Girls want to hold onto one guy to help them raise their offspring, and both men and women will remain in abusive relationships despite all logic. We tell ourselves falling in love is one of the “highest” intellectual activities we do. In reality, it’s as primitive as taking a dump.

Masculinity reflects the hunter/protector role male animals traditionally filled for the past 2 million years. Femininity reflects the camp-tending/child-rearing role female animals traditionally filled for the past 2 million years. Today we look to leaders to run society for us because we’re pack animals, and that’s how we‘ve done it for millions of years. Tall people get promoted at work more because we see them as more “alpha” pack members. Feeble kids get picked on at school because even as children we feel compelled to establish our dominance in the pack hierarchy. The same instinct motivates bosses at work to bully their subordinates. Our brains go on to undermine our ability to use logic by providing us with mental shortcuts like schemas, confirmation bias, the fundamental attribution error, fear of the unknown, etc.

This sounds sinister, but the fact that our species has survived this long is evidence that these instincts are helping us. They tell us what to do when life is too complicated to think all the way through. They guide us towards the path of least resistance and help us navigate our way through life with minimal need to think for ourselves. In other words, we’re not supposed to use our brains because we can’t be trusted to.


Consider our nurturing.

Infants can’t think objectively much less distrust the people they view as gods: their parents. So as infants, it’s only logical for us to trust our parents and assume that the way they teach us to live was the way to live. And since we assume that that’s the way it never occurs to us to question it. And when someone tells us we’re wrong it’s only logical for us not to believe them. Even if we do ever decide to look at our beliefs objectively we can only change the beliefs we have, not the ones we don’t have, and we don’t how much we don’t know. So we’re inclined to believe that we know as much as there is to know (or at least as much as we need to know). From that point of view, it’s logical (or at least inevitable) to have a closed mind (initially). To make matters worse, the more we know the more we tend to believe we’ve reached the apex of human knowledge. So ironically, the more we know the more close-minded we tend to become. Even when we admit that we don’t know everything we tend to think that admitting our ignorance makes us wise, which again closes our mind.

It’s human nature to have a closed mind, and that’s why it was inevitable that the religions we created would say that blind faith in the answers you’ve been given will earn you a place in paradise while questioning the answers is a crime so terrible that those who do it deserve to be punished for eternity. It was inevitable that the governments we’ve created would say that to be a good citizen you have to be a patriot and support your government no matter what and anyone who doubts their country is a traitor or a terrorist or at least a cry baby. It was inevitable that our parents and school officials would say to respect them and that to question them is insolent, disrespectful, stepping out of our place, rude, etc. It was inevitable that society would tell us to be optimistic and grateful for what we have and that to question your position in life or your society’s social model is pessimistic and ungrateful. It was inevitable that our business model would reward those who don’t rock the boat (even if it’s sinking) and labels people who criticize the system as insolent, troublemakers, lazy, or not tough enough to handle “it.”

Businesses love to talk about thinking inside and outside of the box, but these terms are misleading. There’s no inside or outside the box thinking. There’s being guided by your instinct while repeating the patterns you’ve learned from society and then there’s thinking, period. And for those who define their reality by repeating the processes they already know, anything and everything outside of their experiences appear radical. To them, the world is black and white, and they tend to view anybody who thinks at all as an extremist and a heretic. We say we value thinking, but nobody takes it upon themselves to practice thinking as an art form. We don’t think on our own time, and even when someone barges into our lives and pushes ideas into our hands that don’t fit into our preconceived schemas, we tend to automatically naysay it and label it stupid…and the more we label everything outside our box stupid the smarter it makes us feel and the more it cements us into our box.


Look at our group behavior.

Just like our individual brains, society seeks the path of least resistance. Society is set to autopilot. It embraces beliefs that are familiar, vague, and shallow. It embraces behavior that is routine, immediately gratifying, and physical. It shies away from beliefs that are too unusual, self-critical, complicated, or far-sighted. While society will accept superficial forms of deviance such as wearing slightly unusual clothing and using slightly unusual slang, it opposes behavior or beliefs that contradict or undermine society’s fundamental values, which again, are vague and shallow. After generations of this modus operandi, cultures naturally sift out a functional level of equilibrium that it calls maturity, responsibility, being grown up, sane, normal, moral, acceptable, natural, etc.

Children usually don’t have all of these standards explicitly spelled out for them,  but society will give them hints when they step off the path and will guide them to normality and mediocrity. When they get there, they’ll be rewarded with acceptance, praise, and the internal peace that comes with having your mind completely whitewashed. All of this sounds sinister, but again, these tendencies have evolved because they help us survive. However, our instincts are blind, and when left unchecked they can actually drive us to our deaths through over-consumption, overpopulation, and over-competition.

Unfortunately, despite possessing the ability to reason, our individual instincts and our societal tendencies oppose the development of logic, the fail-safe that could save us from our instincts. The more you question yourself and take yourself off of autopilot the more you have to come face to face with your own inadequacies, and the truth hurts. The more you confront these difficult truths the less simple your world will become, the more responsibility you’ll have to take for your welfare and the harder life becomes for you. The more you question society and see the world more clearly the more society will reject, ridicule, fear, hate and persecute you. So we’re classically conditioned to become safe, unthinking, self-congratulatory automatons who are going to over consume, overpopulate, and over compete ourselves into extinction.

History provides plenty of examples of individuals who pursued the art of thinking despite the immediate, negative consequences, and while they did find answers that lay outside the accepted model of human understanding and improved life for future generations…many of these individuals were killed for their trouble. Make no mistake, society is not a docile herd of sheep following a sly pied piper. They’re a ravenous pack of wolves kowtowing to the fiercest wolves, and the only thing worse than being at the bottom of the hierarchy is to be outside the group because that makes you a common enemy, and pretty much the only thing they’ll all put their differences aside for is to kill an outsider who threatens to upset the status quo of the pack.

Yeah, we all want society to improve, but all we really need to do to improve society is become better individuals. We don’t become better individuals though because anytime anyone tries, they’re descended upon by the wolves (who are usually their friends and family). We all want the system to improve, but anytime someone tries, the same thing happens. Theoretically, we all want change, but in practice, it’s the one thing we fear and hate most.

The point of all this isn’t to say change isn’t possible. Obviously, society has changed a great deal throughout the history of civilization. It’s just worth knowing why you’re unlikely to see all the changes you want in your lifetime. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll see some change in your lifetime, but most of the change will be unimportant (like fashion). You’ll see some baby steps on the important issues even though people will fight that progress kicking and screaming and then spend the rest of their lives bitching about how these advances in society are proof of the crumbling of society and the end of the world. Then you’ll see the children of this generation grow up accepting those baby steps as true, but most of our children won’t think any farther past that. Only a few of our children will grow up to be sinful, heretical, preposterous, ungrateful nerds who will push the envelope of human understanding. They’ll be persecuted by those of our children who grow up to be good, normal, decent people. Then our children’s generation will die off, and their children will grow up accepting some of the advances that the deviants of the previous generation made, and the cycle will continue improving at a snail’s pace…

Unless we start rigorously, systematically teaching children to think. If we can raise just one generation of children with legitimately curious, logical, objective minds we can break the cycle of ignorance. But in order to do that we’re going to have to teach them to be sinful, heretical, preposterous, ungrateful nerds, and most parents will fight that tooth and nail. That’s why society won’t change…much… unless you can think of a way to undermine the system.


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